A Foreshadowing of Sept. 11, 2001

Horrifying coincidence?

Mad published these covers consecutively back in 1975.
Mad #176 Mad #177

Thanks to Adam B. for noting "the really creepy part is the back cover (#177), which shows three men of Middle-Eastern origin flying on magic-carpet dollar bills over the high-rises of New York City (blecch!)!
There's just something about all of that that makes me wonder.... Of course, I always did wonder about the MAD writers.
It's up to you whether you want to post anything about this (such as this - ecch! - message), but I thought you'd find it interesting."
back cover of Mad #177

from issue #328 Mad #328
Tom went back to June, 1994 for this one:
"I have another instance of MAD and 9/11. On page five of issue #328 (Law & Order parody) the MAD zeppelin crashes into The World Trade Center."

Thanks Tom,
I guess...