Artistic Junk You've Sent Me

Occasionally, I receive artistic junk from Mad fans.
Until now I never really thought to do anything with it.
This page will serve to show off your Mad-related artwork or scribblings.
If you want to contribute something feel free to e-mail it to me.

Way back in 1999, David Phillips sent this to me to use on the front page of my site:

Rick Watson contributed the following icons in late 2001:

This came from Matt Winans in Sept. 2005: "I was going thru some old photographs and stumbled onto two you might find interesting; I did a little digital detective work and pinpointed the issue and pages I was reading. Not surprisingly, they were Batman related (40 years later I'm still a huge Batman and Mad fan)."

Bradley Daniel Martin sent the following poem along to me April 2010:

MAD Magazine

There's a humor magazine that I love to read
it's the only magazine for me
it's been in print over fifty years
it's mascot says "What, me worry?"

Dick Debartolo is MAD'S maddest writer
he makes me laugh with his sharply tuned wit
over the years I often read his stuff
while in the bathroom taking a sh%t

Dave Berg is a favorite of mine
I truly loved his "The Lighter Side"
to say that he is missed would be an understatement
we lost a great man when he died

Mort Drucker was the best at drawing
his caricatures looked so very real
even though it was a drawing, it looked like the person
and it often had better appeal

One of the articles in this magazine is a time travel trip
and it's name is Planet Tad
it takes me back to my younger days
back to the best times that I've ever had

William Gaines was the founder of the magazine called MAD
that started out as a ten cent comic book
over the years, it gave us nothing but laughter
delve inside and please, take a look

Arnaldo De León Chávez sent this wonderful cartoon to me in December 2013 :