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2-Question Interview

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2-Question Interview Mayim Bialik #322 - Oct 1993
Knock On Elwood Kent Elwood #325 - Feb 1994
2-Question Interview Alex Trebek #385 - Sep 1999
2-Question Interview ďWeird AlĒ Yankovic #387 - Nov 1999
Madís 2-Question Interview Phil Gordon #456 - Aug 2005
Mad Gets Warped Mike Herrera, James Lynch, Patrick Stump, Guitar Amp #459 - Nov 2005
Madís 2-Question Interview! Carrie Underwood #460 - Dec 2005
Madís 2-Question Interview Doug Savant #464 - Apr 2006
Madís 2-Question Interview
Wentworth Miller, Charlie Sheen, David Cross, Neil Patrick Harris,
Alyson Hannigan, Rob Morrow, Tyler James Williams,
Tequan Richmond, Imani Hakim, Vincent Martella
#475 - Mar 2007
Madís 2-Question Interviews Brian Williams, Ralph Nader, Christiane Amanpour, Bob Costas,
John Madden, Chris Matthews, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Tiki Barber
#499 - Apr 2009

Compiled by John R. Racano
Letters - 2-Question Interview

from the letters page of #464 - April 2006