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An artist's work was used to respond to a letter or to illustrate an editorial note in the letters section.
The drawing may have been new or editorial changes were made in a recycled drawing.

Sergio Aragones The Shadow Knows Bonus panel of Aragones shaking the money out of publisher Bill Gaines 184 - Jul 1976
Sergio Aragones A Mad Look at King Kong Self-caricature of Aragones about to be crushed under King Kong's foot in response to reader hoping "we haven't seen the last of Aragones's 'Kong'" 194 - Oct 1977
Sergio Aragones Drawing Praise Aragones draws Mort Drucker and himself winning the National Cartoonist's Society Reuben Award 275 - Dec 1987
Dave Berg Lighter Side of Gardening Berg draws himself with a "Berg's Eye View" shirt
(eyes peer from below a manhole cover) -
reader says you never know where he'll "sprout up"
(original caricature appeared in Cartoonists PROfiles #28 - Dec. '75)
180 - Jan 1976
Dave Berg The Game of the Name Berg covers the topic of his Lighter Side feature with "Guess What?" responding to reader's challenge to read the strips before guessing the topic title 211 - Dec 1979
Dave Berg Explaining Dave Berg Berg makes the cover of GQ Magazine -
"'Lighter Side' Fashion: Berg Takes a Bold Bite!"
(image borrowed from Lighter Side in #259)
283 - Dec 1988
Dave Berg Crazy About Mad #281 Lighter Side image recycled with altered word balloon to play on reader's suspected paranoid schizophrenia 285 - Mar 1989
Dave Berg Mad or Bust Altered Lighter Side images show a big busted Berg with his doctor after reader complains about how women are usually depicted 289 - Sep 1989
Dave Berg Toupee or Not Toupee In response to reader wanting more articles about wigs, editors reply with an altered #296 Lighter Side image showing a bald Berg as new Hair Club for Men member 303 - Jun 1991
Dave Berg Friend of Wildlife? 2nd instance of recycling the #296 image - play on reader's view that Mad is anti-hunting, anti-trapping 305 - Sep 1991
Dave Berg There's a Soccer Born Every Minute 3rd instance of recycling the #296 image - Berg's head replaced with soccer ball after reader wants more soccer references 310 - Apr 1992
Dave Berg Wrestling With a Ripoff "Killer Kaputnik" - another Mad-inspired grappler 316 - Jan 1993
Dave Berg Random Shots 4th instance of recycling the #296 image - Berg's covered in buckshot after reader complains about school/gun issue 318 - Apr 1993
Dave Berg All's Fair In Love and Berg 5th instance of recycling the #296 image - movie love-scene "torrid-ness" question causes an editorial word balloon rewrite 321 - Sep 1993
Dave Berg Paging Doctor Neuman Altered #292 image in the same "Oh My God!" word balloon referring to reader's Dr. Thannoli 349 - Sep 1996
Dave Berg It Must've Been Old-Timers Day Altered #334 image in the same "Oh My God!" word balloon cites reader's observation that Dave Berg plays baseball for the Florida Marlins 376 - Dec 1998
Dave Berg Pipe a Personality In response to a reader noting Berg says he doesn't smoke but has a pipe in his mouth in #388's Lighter Side, editors offer a "cut and paste" panel to make the point obvious 391 - Mar 2000
Dave Berg Not 'N Sync Word balloon added to show office staff singing in 5-part harmony 393 - May 2000
John Caldwell John Caldwell: The Gifted One Drawing proves a person can burp, fart and sneeze simultaneously 428 - Apr 2003
John Caldwell The Big Pledger "Porta-potty bathroom attendant" is the readers' choice to keep a fellow reader out of the teaching profession 458 - Oct 2005
John Caldwell The Best of the Breast Reader says Mad missed the "triple nipple" in #500's Man Boobs article, but Caldwell had it all along 501 - Oct 2009
Bob Clarke Whatever Became Of...? Clarke ages The Fonz (Henry Winkler) 187 - Dec 1976
Bob Clarke Mad Peek At Car Rental Companies Running back, O.J. Simpson, leaps over Clarke's car 189 - Mar 1977
Bob Clarke Ransom Note Cover Self-portrait of Clarke being held hostage in reference to his Alfred cover on #191 193 - Sep 1977
Paul Coker Horrifying Cliches Reader requests Coker "Deleteting an Expletive!" 172 - Jan 1975
Paul Coker Unweddings of the Future An "Unwedding" cake with feuding bride and groom 185 - Sep 1976
Paul Coker Mad's Christmas Carols for 1976 Coker presents his President-Elect Santa Christmas card 190 - Apr 1977
Paul Coker Mad Salutes The Turtle Turtle as mail carrier 211 - Dec 1979
Jack Davis Mad's College Football Coach Coach Hades headed for Midweatern U.? 177 - Sep 1975
Jack Davis Ain't It "Gaines"... Reader thinks it's great that "a dirty, fat hair slob" had published Mad for 32 years - Gaines with sandwich (original caricature appeared in Cartoonists PROfiles #28 - Dec. '75) 253 - Mar 1985
Dick DeBartolo The Face is...Familiar? DeBartolo was enlisted to draw a reader's face because all the artists were busy 339 - Sep 1995
Mort Drucker In Good Hands Drucker draws actor Ed Reimers from the All State Insurance TV ad 52 - Jan 1960
Mort Drucker The Envelope Please... Drucker provides a self-caricature to mark winning the National Cartoonist's Society's Reuben Award 266 - Oct 1986
Mark Fredrickson What, Me Wordy? Alternate cover for #450: "There's no letter from that schmuck, Joe Fonseca of Kitchener, Ontario in this issue!" is printed over Alfred's ass 455 - Jul 2005
Al Jaffee Mad Game of Basebrawl Self-caricatured Jaffee strapped to home plate with runners coming 169 - Sep 1974
Al Jaffee Mad Solutions to Doggie-Do Problems Role reversal: Dog holds leash to Jaffee's collar, takes Jaffee to bathroom 174 - Apr 1975
Al Jaffee Smoker Vs. Non-Smoker Devices "Warning: Jaffee determined to be dangerous to smokers!" - from a cigarette smoldering in an ashtray, Jaffee's head appears out of the smoke 179 - Dec 1975
Al Jaffee Future "No-Frills Air Travel" Gimmicks "No-Frills" nightmare: Jaffee as stewardess 181 - Mar 1976
Al Jaffee More Mad E.S.P.??? Seeing how real airplane barf bags are showing ads, reader recalls #179's "Future 'No-Frills Air Travel' Gimmicks" - Jaffee tries one out 226 - Oct 1981
Al Jaffee Al Jaffee's Birthday! Jaffee draws a thank you card to readers noting his 90th 510 - Aug 2011
Peter Kuper The Drawing Bored Kuper provides a style guide for black and white Spy facial expressions: "Morose, Wistful, Giddy, Pensive, Coquettish, and Flabbergasted" 445 - Sep 2004
Don Martin Don Martin's Pronouncement Martin helps a reader pronounce the word "Fonebone" 151 - Jun 1972
Don Martin Yecch In a Martin drawing, the creature Yecch from the #164 article, Lou Silverstone and Martin take a bow 166 - Apr 1974
Don Martin Don Martin Cover Follow-up to #165's cover:
"One Minute Later on the Same Highway"
167 - Jun 1974
Don Martin Martin Looks at The Lone Ranger Silver outranges The Lone Ranger in Martin sketch 219 - Dec 1980
Norman Mingo Bicentennial "Madde" Super Special #19 Alfred takes a "Madde" bow 185 - Sep 1976
Harry North The Omenous North depicts an innocent looking Damien riding on President Jimmy Carter's shoulders 191 - Jun 1977
Paul Peter Porges Disaster Magazine Porges idea of a real disaster is his ink well toppling onto his artwork 186 - Oct 1976
Tom Richmond A Draw Deal Richmond turns readers "Bob" character into a saucepan 470 - Oct 2006
Jack Rickard Sorry State U.S.A. Phone Book While drawing the back cover for #185, we see Rickard's hang-up about phones taking on lives of their own 187 - Dec 1976
Jack Rickard Mad Star Trek Musical Cover "Alfred E. Vulcan" enshrined in Trekdom! 188 - Jan 1977
Jack Rickard Cover Charge Kate Jackson gets an Alfred mouth 195 - Dec 1977
Angelo Torres Future Shocked Word balloon changed in panel from #255's The Clodsby Show to goof on reader from Decatur, Indiana 501 - Oct 2009
Sam Viviano Titanic Fanatics "Jose and Daryl -- You're the schmucks of the world!" - Word balloon changed to address dumb letter writers 373 - Sep 1998
George Woodbridge The Carterbury Tales First Lady Rosalynn Carter gets her panel and a reader-provided verse 208 - Jul 1979
Bill Wray /
Peter Kuper
Monroe Doctorin' Monroe's mother hits on the Black Spy 364 - Dec 1997
Bill Wray Hair Apparent Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jordan get Monroe dreds 373 - Sep 1998

Compiled by John R. Racano / Descriptions by Doug Gilford
Letters - Mad Artist Cartoons in Letter Responses

John Caldwell: The Gifted One - from 428 - April 2003