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After “Monroe” hater Ken McClelland wrote a letter published in Mad #416 to move Monroe to the end of the magazine, Mad nominated him to be the reluctant President of the Official Monroe Fan Club. Mad invited all readers who wished to become charter members of the fan club to write to Mad.
Monroe Fan Club 416 - Apr 2002
Monroe and... The Fan Club 419 - Jul 2002
Monroe and... Three Dorky Guys 421 - Sep 2002
The Big Ballot 428 - Apr 2003
Who Will Be President Of The Monroe Fan Club? 444 - Aug 2004
Whatever Floats Your Vote / Mock The Vote 449 - Jan 2005
Mail To The Chief 458 - Oct 2005

Compiled by John R. Racano
Letters - Monroe Fan Club

Monroe and... The Fan Club - from #419 - July 2002