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Mad At
G.M. Futurama
General Motors
Futurama Exhibit
Building looks a lot like Dave Berg's City Ranch Houses in
"The Suburbs Are On Their Way Out!" from #39.
94 - Apr 1965
Poiuyt-inent Comments Mad Mad #93 cover with "The Mad Poiuyt"
could have been copied from a variety of sources.
95 - Jun 1965
A "Timeless" Cover Time Magazine has Pac-Man on its October 25, 1982 cover, similar to Mad #233. 238 - Apr 1983
Double Mad E.S.P.??? Newsweek Magazine has the cast of Mash on its February 28, 1983 cover,
similar to Mad #234.
240 - Jul 1983
Ripoff! Discover Magazine has an ape with a human mask on its July 1983 cover,
similar to Mad #157 "Planet of the Apes" cover.
242 - Oct 1983
Ripoffs Continued San Diego Tribune Newspaper's June 15, 1983 editorial cartoon has Ronald Reagan
transforming into Margaret Thatcher like Dustin Hoffman's
transformation to a woman in the movie "Tootsie,"
similar to Mad #240 "Tootsie" cover.
242 - Oct 1983
Mad Rip-Offs John Darling -
Salt Lake Tribune
Comic from November 1980 congratulates Ronald Reagan
on his election as President of the United States on the left side of the strip
and (upside-down) congratulates Jimmy Carter on the right side,
similar to the Mad #60 Nixon / Kennedy covers.
246 - Apr 1984
Mad Rip-Offs Scripps Howard Newspaper editorial cartoon from November 1983 has
Syrian President Hafez al-Assad standing on his head next to a sign
while a fire is blazing. The sign reads "In Case of FIRE Turn Upside Down,"
similar to Mad #206.
246 - Apr 1984
Mad Rip-Offs Cleveland
Plain Dealer
Newspaper editorial cartoon from December 1982
has Pac-Man declared "Time Magazine's Man of the Year,"
similar to the Mad #233 Pac-Man cover.
246 - Apr 1984
Cover Charge A Mad reader's
enclosed photo
Mad #243, with Superman's face covered by Alfred E. Neuman's face
from a Mad cover, is similar to a photo a reader sent in 21 years earlier
showing the reader covering his own face with Alfred on the
"Mad Twists Rock 'N' Roll" album cover.
250 - Oct 1984
Mad Rip-Offs -
Chicago Tribune Newspaper editorial cartoon from December 1984 has the Earth wearing
a gas mask, similar to the Mad #157 back cover "The Choke's On Us!"
255 - Jun 1985
Mad ESP -
In Reverse?
WFYV-FM Mad #254's Special Rock Issue cover is similar to the radio station's
4-year-old logo featuring a rock wearing headphones.
256 - Jul 1985
Another Mad
The Durham
Morning Herald
Newspaper editorial cartoon has Ronald Reagan walking a tightrope
while holding one end of the tightrope in his hands, similar to Mad #246.
268 - Jan 1987
We Stand Corrected The Durham
Morning Herald
Editorial cartoonist for the above mentioned Reagan cartoon
notes his cartoon appeared six months before the Mad cover.
270 - Apr 1987
Mad Vs. Newsweek:
The Great Rip-Off
Battle Continues
Newsweek Max Headroom's layout on its April 20, 1987 cover rips off Mad #269. 273 - Sep 1987
Mad Vs. Newsweek:
The Great Rip-Off
Battle Continues
Newsweek Mad #271 rips off Newsweek's Dec. 22, 1986 "Star Trek IV" cover. 273 - Sep 1987
Separated At Mirth? The New Yorker UPC Symbol is blown up on its November 14, 1988 cover like Mad #198. 286 - Apr 1989
Alfred E. Boggs Sports Illustrated Magazine has Wade Boggs swinging a bat on its March 6, 1989
cover with the words "What, Me Worry?" similar to Mad #282.
289 - Sep 1989
What About Sergio? What About Bob?
movie ad
Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss get the same sort of
"The Shadow Knows" treatment Aragones is famous for.
306 - Oct 1991
Mad Ripoffs
All New 1992 Edition
Sony ad in
Rolling Stone
Ad shows the Moai Face Statues of Easter Island wearing headphones
similar to the #254 back cover.
310 - Apr 1992
Dial-A-Mad Ripoff Voice Changer
Telephone Ad
Ad for new telephone device looks like Disguise-A-Phone
from "Future Phone Gimmicks" in #270.
312 - Jul 1992
Wrestling with a Ripoff WWF Magazine World Wrestling Federation creates a character
simmilar to Harold on the back of #272.
316 - Jan 1993
From One Al
To Another
"Weird Al" Yankovic's
"Alapalooza" Album
"Weird Al" notes the simmilarities of his album cover to Mad #323. 324 - Jan 1994
Mad Ripoff
of the Year
Time Time's March 9, 1998 cover, made of tiny back-issue covers,
looks like what Mad did for its January 1998 Special.
372 - Aug 1998
That Sinking Feeling Mad Mad plans to sue itself for plagarism because its #369 cover rips off #161. 373 - Sep 1998
A Rolling Stone
Gathers Some Slack
Rolling Stone Magazine has the lead characters from Smallville
on its March 28, 2002 cover, similar to Mad #415 "Smellville" cover.
418 - Jun 2002
A Heavy Crossover
to Bear
Newsweek Undated editorial cartoon depicts Mad cow asking,
"What, me contaminated?"
440 - Apr 2004
It Was the
Worst of the Times
Los Angeles Times Spy vs. Spy -- Black Spy "Pentagon" vs. White Spy "C.I.A." 453 - May 2005
Blowing Our Cover The New Yorker Magazine has a character skiing on its February 4, 2013 cover. Part of the
cover is torn away to reveal the inside of the magazine, similar to Mad #293.
521 - Jun 2013
Mad Sighting "The Fartist"
Comedy Special
Brian Posehn's poster and title for his comedy special are almost identical
to Mad's blog post from The Idiotical.
522 - Sep 2013
The Disputable
Reader's Digest Cover story from July 2013 "Best of America -
50 More Reasons to Love Our Country!" is "an obnoxious rebuttal" to
(and maybe even a rip off of) Mad's "The 50 Worst Things About America"
article from Mad #515.
523 - Oct 2013
Trying to
Sweden the Deal
IKEA A contest for kids to have their designs made into Christmas toys
is a blatant rip-off of Al Jaffee's same feature in Mad #76 from 1963.
543 - Feb 2017

Compiled by John R. Racano
Letters - Rip-Offs of Mad

excerpt from Mad Rip-Offs - from #246 - April 1984