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Mad answers a letter written to another magazine.

Sports Illustrated Criticized magazine for picking Wane McGarity of Texas over Issac Jones of Purdue at wide receiver. 382 - Jun 1999
Us Admire Kevin Costner for his candidness and convictions. 383 - Jul 1999
Frequent Flyer Cannot believe United is refusing to grandfather their “old” million milers, but was surprised to discover being reinstated as a Premier Executive for 1999 - even though did not come close to qualifying with 1998 miles. 385 - Sep 1999
Newsweek Little girls looking at cover photo of Brandi Chastain and think,
“I’d rather be Brandi than Barbie.”
387 - Nov 1999
Spin Narcissistic punk rocker critics who constantly put down any band/group/singer that have anything to do with pop music like ‘N Sync. 390 - Feb 2000
Rolling Stone Publishing photos of little girls in bikinis (Mariah Carey) or naked (Christina Ricci). 395 - Jul 2000
Travel + Leisure Thanks for the insider’s quick look at Omaha. 397 - Sep 2000
Cosmopolitan Thank you for November’s “How To Please A Man With Your Hands.” 405 - May 2001
Vanity Fair Comparing Moses to Gail Sheehy’s statements about George W. Bush’s speaking ability. 406 - Jun 2001
New York Normal Average New York City Couple Who Fight. 410 - Oct 2001
Cosmopolitan “How To Make Scent Your Secret Weapon” by using a lavender aroma is erotic. 414 - Feb 2002
Newsweek Any event involving judging is not a sport. 418 - Jun 2002
Newsweek Want apology for the way the word “Bulgarian” was used in a cover story: Fans of pairs skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier “wondered whether they would have gotten the gold if they had been homely, buck-toothed, balding and Bulgarian, rather than cute, charismatic Canadians.” 418 - Jun 2002
Entertainment Weekly Vin Diesel doesn’t get enough credit for his talent. 435 - Nov 2003
Teen Vogue Love the clothes in your magazine, but many of their prices are much too high. 442 - Jun 2004
Newsweek Your magazine reported that iPods are popular and “centered” in big cities and college towns and in gyms, but never seen an iPod - rather - the good old Walkman is favored. 448 - Dec 2004
Game Pro Decision to get a Halo gaming tattoo was “all about loyalty.” 452 - Apr 2005
People Pleased with story about Brad Pitt adopting Angelina Jolie’s children. 463 - Mar 2006
Teen People Hilary Duff and Joel Madden are a successful couple. She is a role model. 469 - Sep 2006
XXL Akira is a beautiful Black woman, but Maliah is still holding it down for 2006 XXL Eye Candy from every angle. 472 - Dec 2006
Model Airplane News Did Chris Chianelli strip his new Fuji 24cc gas engine down for the tests? He listed the weight as 2.8 pounds, but the Tower Hobby website lists the weight as 3 pounds 10 ounces with all accessories. 484 - Dec 2007
Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s success is balance. Always something to think about, guitar-wise, plus like to drool over the ads. 488 - Apr 2008

Compiled by John R. Racano
Letters - The Answer Mad

The Answer Mad - from #435 - November 2003