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What Sort of People Read Mad?

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These are the more modern, categorized letter entries of people sending in unsolicited photos of themselves
with and without the magazine, with a Mad-related tattoo, or with some other Mad connection.
Of course, Mad has published tons of pictures of their fans prior to and concurrently with this grouping,
but who in their right mind would want to list and describe every instance?

What Sort of People Read Mad? 8 photos, including a dominatrix complete with whip,
two MAD logo road-chalkers, and some bearded reverend
356 - Apr 1997
What Sort of People Read Mad? 13 photos, featuring a Buster Keaton look-a-like, a kid on a toilet,
and a nitwit standing with a full-sized Alfred cardboard cut-out
380 - Apr 1999
Mad Fan of the Month Students pictured with a Mad Magazine display for their
History Fair submission, which was voted best in class.
424 - Dec 2002
We're Not A Fan of
the Fan of the Month
Mad withdraws the "Mad Fan of the Month" title from #424's winner
because it conflicts with his Boy Scout's award of Eagle Scout.
427 - Mar 2003
Mad Fan of the Month MAD logo tattooed on a submariner's back between his shoulder blades 428 - Apr 2003
Mad Fan of the Month Guy holds a Mad through a carnival cut-out in a pumpkin patch. 430 - Jun 2003
Mad Fan of the Month Fan appears to be swallowed up by his collection of Mads. 433 - Sep 2003
Mad Fan of the Month Tattoo artist sends in photo of client's arm with Alfred. 435 - Nov 2003
Mad Fan of the Month Custom mirror art with MAD logo and Spy reflects fan's face. 437 - Jan 2004
Mad Reader of the Issue Reader sends a 1958 Air Force picture of himself reading #43. 438 - Feb 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Woman and her cat read Mad on the toilet. 439 - Mar 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Kid with Mad shorts lays across his collection of Mads. 440 - Apr 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Mom shows off Alfred paintings while wearing her Alfred shirt. 443 - Jul 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Man cradles infant son on shoulder while reading Mad. 444 - Aug 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Patriotic Uncle Sam impersonator shows off #126 and #48. 445 - Sep 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Old Canadian fan wears an Alfred shirt and
mask along with Spy vs. Spy boxer shorts.
446 - Oct 2004
Mad Fan of the Month Captured Saddam Hussein look-a-like sits with his 276 Mads. 460 - Dec 2005
Inking of You Black Spy fisherman sits on Dad's gravestone in tattoo. 464 - Apr 2006
What Kind of Person Reads Mad? 8 photos, including emotional father and son, man with a light saber,
and a nice old lady flipping the bird
467 - Jul 2006
Mad Fan of the Month Eleven-year old girl Lotus poses on her pile of Mads. 470 - Oct 2006
Tat's All, Folks! "What, Me Worry?" lettering surrounds Alfred on arm tattoo. 471 - Nov 2006
What Kind of Person Reads Mad? 10 photos, featuring a MAD-burdened weight lifter, a high school
drama club, a baby with paperbacks, and an "ILOV MAD" license plate
476 - Apr 2007
Tears of a Town Subject of one of the photos from #467 writes in to complain about
Mad misspelling his town's name, not printing his letter,
and placing his photo below the nice old lady flipping the bird.
485 - Jan 2008
Mad Fan of the Month Kid paints a MAD logo, Alfred and the Spies on his bedroom wall. 493 - Sep 2008
Mad Fans of the Month One picture features a serious collector showing off his memorabilia.
Another picture shows two guys with Mad merchandise
for their school history project on William M. Gaines.
500 - Jun 2009
Mad Fan of the Month Fan covers the floor in Mad magazines, paperbacks, and a game. 501 - Oct 2009
Mad Fan of the Month Guy sends in a photo of all his Mads which turns out to be
his collection of Tom Selleck Magnum P.I. DVDs
505 - Oct 2010
The Missing Ink Emily Flake's "Walkies" from #505 finds its way to a fellow's arm. 508 - Apr 2011
The Missing Ink Alfred serves as a birthday tattoo. 509 - Jun 2011
The Missing Ink Grandaughter of Spy vs. Spy's Antonio Prohias,
Morse coded "Prohias" down her back.
510 - Aug 2011
The Missing Ink Guy has "The Schmuck Stops Here" tattooed on his arm
in lieu of an Alfred, who freaks out his wife.
511 - Oct 2011
Mad Fan of the Month Kid stencils an Alfred on the bottom of his skateboard. 514 - Apr 2012
Mad Fan of the Month Home-made figures shown off by "The King of Spies" kid. 518 - Dec 2012
Mad Ink All of a lady's fingers are covered with Spy vs. Spy tattoos. 531 - Feb 2015
Epic Nail Spy vs. Spy art adorns DC Entertainment worker's nails. 534 - Aug 2015
Mad Ink The skeleton head of Alfred haunts itself on to someone's arm. 535 - Oct 2015
Mad Tattoos Guy has an old-school MAD logo with characters inside on his back,
Alfred above "What - Me Worry?" on his arm
537 - Feb 2016
Mad Ink Woman regrets the vampire Alfred she had done over 10 years ago. 542 - Dec 2016

Compiled by John R. Racano
Letters - What Sort of People Read Mad?

Mad Tattoos - from #537 - February 2016