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Obituaries For
Comic Strip Characters
Oliver Warbucks, Nancy Ritz, Snuffy Smith,
Donald Duck, Hans and Fritz Katzenjammer,
Prince Valiant, Smilin' Jack Martin, Dick Tracy,
Mandrake J. Mandrake, Rex Morgan, Henry Smith,
Joe Palooka, Dagwood Bumstead, Mary Worth
Frank Jacobs / 106 - Oct 1966
Obituaries For Traditions,
Pastimes and Other
Dying-Out Landmarks
of the American Way of Life
Efficient Customer Service, Clean Air, Patriotism,
Five-Cent Cup of Coffee, Melody in Popular Music,
Baseball, Doctor's House Call, Craftsmanship,
Middle Age, Honest Car Repair, Christmas Spirit,
Rugged Individualism, Reliable Postal Service
Frank Jacobs / Norman Mingo 136 - Jul 1970
Obituaries For
TV Show Characters
Ted Baxter, Archie Bunker, Steve Austin,
"Mother" Jefferson, J.J. Evans, Marcus Welby,
James Kirk, John-Boy Walton, Maude Findlay,
Mary Hartman, Frank Cannon, Theo Kojak
Frank Jacobs /
(Billy Doherty idea)
194 - Oct 1977
Obituaries For
Merchandising Characters
Fred Whipple, Mr. Clean, Boris and Doris Campbell,
Pillsbury Doughboy, Mr. Goodwrench, Green Giant,
Ronald McDonald, Cap'n Crunch, Morris the Cat,
Charlie the Tuna
Frank Jacobs / Bob Clarke 274 - Oct 1987
More Obituaries For
Merchandising Characters
The Noid, Spuds MacKenzie, The NBC Peacock,
The Exxon Tiger, The Energizer Rabbit, Mr. Zip,
Mr. Peanut, Smooth Character, The Bluebonnet Girl,
The California Raisins, Uncle Ben
Frank Jacobs / Bob Clarke 311 - Jun 1992
More Obituaries For
Comic Strip Characters
The Amazing Spider-Man, Beetle Bailey,
Blondie Bumstead, Andy Capp, Cathy,
Charlie Brown, Waldo, Dilbert D. Dilbert,
Garfield the Cat, The "Far Side" Cow
Frank Jacobs / Steve Smallwood 353 - Jan 1997
Still More Obituaries for
Merchandising Characters
Juan Valdez, Taco Bell Chihuahua, Betty Crocker,
The Maytag Repairman, Little Caesar, Sock Puppet
Frank Jacobs / Scott Bricher 394 - Jun 2000
Obituaries for
Video Game Characters
Pikachu, Atrus, Lara Croft, Glass Joe, Ryu,
Duke Nukem, Link, Luigi, Pac-Man
Desmond Devlin / Kevin Greene 402 - Feb 2001
Obituaries for ______
excerpt from Obituaries For Comic Strip Characters -
from 106 - October 1966