Hey Jimi... Where you goin' with that Mad in your hand?

Jimi Hendrix reads Mad Magazine #113 while getting his hair styled. This ia an image that never gets old. It was in a Life tribute to Mad Magazine which has mysteriously disappeared from their site (but I would sure like to link to again). At that time in mid 2011 the link to the Life article image was all over the web and the Twitterverse. Months later the image came back with a vengeance and will probably come and go with the ebb and flow of the linky nature of this internet beast until the end of time.
Jimi Hendrix and Mad

What, Me Experienced?

If he was actually reading the magazine when the photo was snapped, he may have been enjoying a horrifying cliche or two, or maybe Mad's All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself Vietnam Newspaper Story. Perhaps it was If Famous Poets Had Written "Mother Goose" that brought that bemused, unsettled moment to his face. More than likely it was America, the Beautiful - Revisited with its brutal photographic depiction of the country matched up to a verse we'd rather not associate with the imagery.
Wouldn't it be something if Jimi actually got some inspiration from those brilliant pages?