Alfred Lives!
It took nearly six years, but The Mad Cover Site finally received definitive photographic evidence proving the existence of Alfred E. Neuman. Mad Magazine itself has published reader submissions over the years, but this is a first for this cover site. The mother of this lucky kid didn't know much of anything about Alfred or Mad Magazine. She just knew something was up when perfect strangers stop her and her son in public and comment with amazement how much he looks like our hero. Thanks to her for contributing the pictures and to any Hollywood casting agencies out there searching for the perfect movie Alfred, email me!

And he's not the only one...
Someone sent this picture taken from a dating site. Alfred's sister is 47 years old and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Submitted by Rob from Warren, Ohio

Hi Doug,
For some time I knew I had seen a certain person on the news somewhere before. I've come to the realization we now have a definite and confirmed sighting of A E Neuman in Iran. I've attached a picture of him. In your vast repository of other pictures of Alfred do you have any that might match this fellow?
All the best,
Irving, TX

This is my brother, Rusty, with red hair and all in an unretouched photo. He was a real pain in the gluteus. Now he lives across town in Independence, Kansas. I still tease him about this picture.