Custom Mad Magazine Cover Wallpaper

Dear Doug,
About 16 years ago I bought a house and really wanted to make my office something unique. I decided to laser copy some of my favorite Mad covers and use them as wallpaper. To this day I've not grown tired of looking at them, mainly because I have no business and only use my office to walk through to get to my bar out back.

It was rather time consuming. First, being quite obsessed with Mad (especially the covers), I'm sure you noticed some glaring omissions. That's due to the fact that I didn't have 1-40 at the time. I did at one time but unfortunately not then.

Basically I selected the covers I wanted to use and copied them, none of those are the actual magazine covers. The color is still great and vibrant. Then I carefully cut off the excess with an xacto knife. Once everything was printed and cut I applied them using the same technique one would use as if applying wallpaper. In this case I used a wallpaper border glue. Working left to right, and selecting the order based on year and cover colors, I individually glued each one with a small brush. You have to work quickly at that point, they curl and get really difficult to work with. Then with a dry sponge I pressed flat and hard to remove bubbles and excess glue. When I got to a door or window I precut to size. If you notice above the doors where only the top 1/4 of the mag is visible, I picked issues with a clever (dare I use that adjective and Mad in the same sentence) blurb above the masthead. Also where only half of the mag was visible on the side of the window and doors, I always made sure Alfred was included. The light switch plate came about when I found one you could insert a graphic into. Using issue #355 was a no brainer. That's basically it. I do recommend not putting a finish top gloss on when you're done. It makes them impossible to remove if you ever come to your senses.

Click for a much, much larger view and use your bottom scrollbar right and left...

Mad Room Wallpaper

Jamie and Doug are not liable for any xacto knife cuts you may exact on yourself if you try this!

Worth noting: Mad's The Idiotical has taken notice of Jamie's efforts...