Mad Picks

Special Collector's Edition 2013

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  • Jack Davis: "My favorite artists are Wally Wood, Bill Elder,
    and John Severin!" -- Splash pages from V-Vampires! (Wally Wood art),
    Restaurant! (Will Elder art), and Varmint! (John Severin art) -- (all written by Harvey Kurtzman)
  • Penn Jillette essay - the thrill of getting drawn into Totally Recalled
    (movie satire) (written by Dick DeBartolo / Mort Drucker art)
  • Richard Williams: his first Mad cover #242
  • Al Jaffee: Planned Obsolescence in Everyday Products (Al Jaffee)
  • Editor's Pick: early versions showing the evolution of Mark Fredrickson's cover for #505
  • Anthony Barbieri: Songs of Food (written by Frank Jacobs / Paul Coker, Jr. art)
  • Charlie Kadau:
    Charade (newspaper parody) (written by Charlie Kadau and Joe Raiola / Sam Viviano art)
  • Patrick Merrell: shares some rare, never-before-seen Sergio Aragones marginals
  • Pendleton Ward sends his regards:
    Mad Cover #520 (Chris Houghton art) and Mad's Do-It-Yourself Adventure Time Episode
  • Butch D'Ambrosio: Baseball at the Bat (written by Frank Jacobs / James Warhola art)
  • Tim Carvell: The Rejection Slip (Tom Hudson)
  • Editor's Pick:
    Things You Didn't Know About the Mayan Calendar (written by Jeff Kruse / Tom Bunk art)
  • Dick DeBartolo: Stoppa-Da-Sneezin' (written by Dick DeBartolo / Irving Schild photo)
  • Kit Lively: Mad Cover #229 (written by Don (Duck) Edwing / Don Martin art)
  • Matthew Weiner essay - Sad Men (TV satire) (written by Arnie Kogen / Tom Richmond art)
  • John Slattery paragraph
  • Desmond Devlin: An Architectural Triumph (Al Jaffee)
  • Rick Tulka: Tomorrow's Parents (written by Gary Belkin / Wally Wood art)
  • Harry Hamlin essay - loved being on Mad Cover #274 (Mort Drucker art)
  • Nick Meglin: Thirty-Suffering (TV satire) (written by Frank Jacobs / Mort Drucker art)
  • Paul Feig essay
  • Ad For Subscriptions with #94 bonus print
  • Back Cover -- One Moment in Time (originally untitled written by Don (Duck) Edwing / Paul Coker art)

* "Mad Picks is an extended excerpt of the book Inside Mad..."

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