Mad #531 February 2015

  • Cover Artist: Mark Fredrickson
  • Contents Page (featuring the First-Ever MAD Guarantee!)
    (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • Letters
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn Out Dramas
    **various obscure places around the magazine
  • The Fundalini Pages
    • Free Holiday Apps You Probably Won't Need
      (written by Jeff Kruse / John Martz art)
    • The Kitchen Sink -
      Least-Watched Netflix Microgenres (Bob Staake art)
    • The Speedy 6 - Recently Declassified Facts From the Pentagon (written by Jeff Kruse / Rick Tulka art)
    • Eckstein Marks the Spot! (Bob Eckstein)
    • Rejected Fortune Cookies
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    • AOL Start-Up Screens We'd Like To See
      (written by Jeff Kruse)
    • Biographical Facts About Santa's Other Eight Reindeer (written by Jeff Kruse / Anton Emdin art)
    • Questions We'd Love to See a Trainer Ask a Woozy NFL Player
      (written by Jeff Kruse / Tom Bunk art)
  • The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2014 (Mick Coulas intro page art)
    • 1. The NFL's Domestic Violence Problem - "Goodell Fellas" - (Goodfellas move poster parody)
    • 2. Ebola Hysteria - "Are you suffering from Ebola symptoms?" - (CDC poster parody)
    • 3. The GM Recall Debacle - "The Fault in Our Cars" -
      (The Fault in Our Stars movie poster parody) (written by Matt Lassen / Scott Bricher art)
    • 4. The Militarization of the Police Department - (The Runaway Norman Rockwell painting parody)
      (written by Desmond Devlin / Richard Williams art)
    • 5. Target's Security Breach - "unbeatable prices! (very beatable encryption system!)" -
      (ad parody) (written by Darren Johnson)
    • 6. Obama Caught Off Guard - "Be Un-Prepared! Join the Barack Scouts of America" -
      (We, Too, Have a Job to Do - Norman Rockwell poster parody) (Richard Williams art)
    • 7. The "Booty Trend" - "Behinds the Music" -
      (Behind the Music TV poster parody) (Hermann Mejia art)
    • 8. Where has the lack of proper drugs caused misery, suffering and sometimes death? -
      Fold-In (botched executions) (Al Jaffee)
    • 9. American Apparel's CEO Pervert - "Charney and the Clothing Factory" -
      (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book parody)
      (written by Jason Katzenstein and Dan Abromowitz / Gary Hallgren art)
    • 10. Hillary Clinton Cries Poverty - "1 Broke Girl" - (2 Broke Girls TV poster parody)
    • 11. The Washington Redskins Stand By Their Name -
      (apology letter to fans from Redskins' owner, Daniel Snyder) (written by Desmond Devlin)
    • 12. Chris Christie's Traffic Scandal - "Grand Shaft Auto: New Jersey" -
      (Grand Theft Auto game cover parody) (Ward Sutton art)
    • 13. CNN's Endless Flight Coverage - (flight safety card parody) (Timothy Shamey art)
    • 14. Cliven Bundy's Standoff - "A Million Ways to Lie in the West" -
      (A Million Ways to Die in the West movie parody poster)
      (written by Desmond Devlin / Tom Richmond art)
    • 15. Rick Perry's "Intelligent" New Look - "Everybody Loves Rick Perry's Smart-Guy Glasses" -
      (as seen on TV ad parody) (written by Mike Morse)
    • 16. White House Security Breaches - "Better Homes unGuarded" -
      (Better Homes and Gardens magazine cover parody) (Scott Bricher art)
    • 17. Putin Invades Ukraine - "Vlad Agrees: Red Bully Equals Agression" -
      (Red Bull Equals Energy ad parody) (idea by Matt Lassen)
    • 18. Donald Sterling's Racist Rant - "Sports Segregated: Man of the Year 2014" -
      (Sports Illustrated magazine cover parody) (Drew Friedman art)
    • 19. The Iraq War "Experts" - "Guardians of the Fallacy" -
      (Guardians of the Galaxy movie poster parody) (written by Lance Hansen / Mark Fredrickson art)
    • 20. The V.A. Hospital Scandal - "Tomb of the Untreated Soldier" -
      (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier national monument parody)
      (written by Alison Grambs / Mark Stutzman art)
  • Ad for a few Mad books
  • 8 Keys to Becoming a More Effective Supervillain (John Caldwell)
  • Ad for tons of Mad books
  • A Mad Look At The Old Testament (Sergio Aragones / color by Tom Luth)
  • Planet TAD!!!!! (written by Tim Carvell)
  • The Mad Vault Article From #325 -- Every Single New Year's Eve...
    (written by Desmond Devlin / Tom Bunk art)
  • Spy vs. Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • Ad for Mad's Greatest Artists - Don Martin - Three Decades of His Greatest Works
  • The Strip Club
  • Chilling Thoughts - 2014 Edition (written by Desmond Devlin / Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer art)
  • The Best of The Idiotical (stuff from Mad's blog)
    • The Obama “HOPE” Poster Updated for 2014
    • 6 Reasons fo Netflix's Stock Plunge
    • Other Products Toys "R" Us Should Ban
    • The Startling Similarites and Differences
      Between Oscar Pistorious and Oscar De La Renta
    • Starbucks' New Delivery Slogans
    • Mad Presents Great Moments in Government (Richard Williams art from #414 cover)
    • Mad Asks... Where is Kim Jong-Un
    • White House Unveils Deadly New Security System
  • One Evening at the White House (Tom Richmond art)
  • Ad For Subscriptions with #126 bonus print

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