Mad Books - hardcover and otherwise

Most known titles (linked to Amazon for reference with a few exceptions):

Mad Cover to Cover
Mad Art
The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman
The Complete Half-Wit and
Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman

The Mad Monster Book of Horrifying Cliches
Bo Confidential
Mad About Dad
The Mad Bathroom Companion
The Mad Bathroom Companion - Number Two
The Mad Bathroom Companion - Turd in a Series
The Mad Bathroom Companion - The Mother Load
The Mad Bathroom Companion - Gushing Fourth
Totally Mad
Inside Mad
Totally Inside Mad
The Complete First Six Issues of Mad
Mad About Politics
The Mad Summer Survival Guide
The Mad Holiday Survival Guide
The Mad Student Survival Guide
The Mad World of William M. Gaines
The Mad Morality (large format softcover)
Mad About the Mob
Mad Neumanisms
1001 Mad Pages You Must Read Before You Die
Mad About the Fifties (Alfred crew cut)
Mad About the Fifties (Mt. Rushmore)
Mad About the Sixties (1995)
Mad About the Sixties (2005)
Mad About the Seventies
Mad About the Eighties
Mad About the '90s
Mad for Decades
Amazingly Stupid Mad
Amazingly Stupid Mad: Expanded Edition
Disturbingly Awful Mad
Epic Mad
Extremely Moronic Mad
Insanely Awesome Mad
Insanely Awesome Mad: Deluxe Edition
Intensely Dumb Mad
Totally Useless Mad
Certifiably Mad
Mad For Keeps
Mad Forever
A Golden Trashery of Mad
The Ridiculously Expensive Mad
Mad's Original Idiots - Will Elder
Mad's Original Idiots - Jack Davis
Mad's Original Idiots - Wally Wood
The Mad War on Bush
Horrifyingly Mad
Good Days and Mad
Collectibly Mad
Completely Mad
Mad's Greatest Artists - Sergio Aragones
Mad's Greatest Artists - Dave Berg
Mad's Greatest Artists - Mort Drucker
Mad's Greatest Writers - Frank Jacobs
Mad's Greatest Artists - Don Martin
Dave Berg's Mad Trash
Mad's Sergio Aragones on Parade
The Completely Mad Don Martin (1974)
The Completely Mad Don Martin (2007)
Dick DeBartolo Presents Here's Mad in Your Eye
Mad's Vastly Overrated Al Jaffee
Mort Drucker's Mad Show-Stoppers
Frank Jacobs - Mad Zaps the Human Race
Mad About the Oscars
Mad About the Movies
Mad About the Movies Director's Cut
Mad About Super Heroes
Mad About Super Heroes - Volume 2
Mad About Super Heroes - Version 2.5
The Mad Gross Book
Mad About Comic Strips
Mad About Star Wars
Mad Magazine Poster Book
Goodnight Batcave
Mad's Very Best Snappy
Answers to Stupid Questions

More Mad Snappy
Answers to Stupid Questions

Planet Tad
Return to Planet Tad
Mad About TV
Mad Fold This Book
The Mad Fold-In Collection: 1964-2010
The Mad Archives - Volume 1 - Issues 1-6
The Mad Archives - Volume 2 - Issues 7-12
The Mad Archives - Volume 3 - Issues 13-18
The Mad Archives - Volume 4 - Issues 19-24
How to be a Successful Dog
Spy vs Spy - Danger! Intrigue! Stupidity!
Spy vs Spy - Masters of Mayhem
Spy vs Spy - Missions of Madness
Spy vs Spy - The Top Secret Files!
Spy vs Spy Fight to the Finish!
Spy vs Spy - Omnibus
Mad's Big Book of Spy vs Spy Capers
Spy vs Spy - The Complete Casebook
Spy vs Spy 2 - The Joke and Dagger Files
Spy vs Spy Black (and White) Ops
Spy vs Spy - Casebook of Craziness
Mad Presents Spy vs. Spy - An Explosive Celebration

Official Mad books clearly have the logo on the cover and/or can be attributed to "The Editors of Mad" or "The Usual Gang of Idiots."

Thanks for the ongoing interest and support of Steven Loy, John R. Racano, David Williams.

Is anything missing?

For the handful of people who follow such things, it's unlikely you'll see me jumping into a campaign of listing the contents of all these books any time soon. Enough's enough.