Al Jaffee's Mad Inventions - 1978

  • Artist and Writer: Al Jaffee

  • Known printings: Warner 6

  • What famous authors are saying about this book
  • Foreward / Contents - Nick Meglin
  • Inventions that didn't make it in their own time
  • Cutting down the high cost of energy
  • A trouble-free plastic world
  • Health and possessions protectors
  • The road to prosperity through built-in obsolescence
  • The Swiss army knife
  • Sure fire sleep aids
  • Big city survival kit
  • Devices that stop smoking pollution
  • More built-in obsolescence
  • Inventions that make other inventions work better
  • The inventions hate book
  • Smaller living spaces made to look big and comfortable
  • Wallet and desk pictures for lonely clods
  • Signs, designs and symbol-minded fun
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