Mad's Al Jaffee
Freaks Out - 1982

  • Artist and Writer: Al Jaffee

  • Known printings: Warner 5

  • Introduction
  • A Freaky Western Story
    (followed by all of these other "Freaky Stories"
    having to do with:)
  • Mouse, Genii, Restaurant, Wheelchair,
    Marionette, Cigar, Dracula, South Sea Island,
    Dueling, Skiing, Hotel, Watch, Plastic Surgeon,
    Eating, Gallows, Footprints, Greetings,
    Children, Mountain, High Diving, King Kong,
    Dog, Ant, Slot Machine, Sideshow, Defense,
    Firing Squad, and Advertising
  • Freaky Filler Pages were inserted between many segments
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