Mad Lobsters - 1986

and Other Abominable
Housebroken Creatures

  • Artist and Writer: Paul Peter Porges

  • Known printings: Warner 2

  • Introduction: Nick Meglin
  • Nifty Tricks for Housebroken Lobsters
  • Fishbowl Chatter Exposed
  • Classic Late Show Lobsters
  • Thoughtful Gifts for Your Favorite Abominable Pet
  • After the Cloud Lifts
  • Prehistoric Uses of Turtles
  • Voice Commands for Obedient Turtles
  • Practical Modern Day Uses for Pet Turtles
  • Abominable Pets of Legends
  • For Boa Constrictor Lovers Only
  • Abominable Creature Cliches
  • Lobsters to the Rescue
Click cover for larger view Mad Lobsters
Cover is of the 1991 re-issue