The Mad Book
of Mysteries - 1980

  • Written by: Lou Silverstone
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Jack Rickard

  • Known printings: Warner 4

  • The King Putz Murder
    - A Hercules Pirouette Mystery
  • The Fershluginer Falcon
    - From the Files of Archer Spillane Spayed
  • Shtick Tracer
  • The Mystery of Lizzy Gory
    - An Allergy Queen Encounter
  • Charlie China - The Mystery of the Sealed Room
  • Typical G-Man Movie of the Past
  • Tell-It-Like-It-Is G-Man Movie of Today
  • Chuck Frown, Private Eye
  • The Case of the Bouncing Buttox
    - A Perry Maceface Adventure
  • The Lawman's Guide to What They Say
    and What They Mean
  • The Return of the Ripper
    - Another Adventure in the Life of Shamus Homes
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