The Mad Book of Revenge - 1976

  • Written by: Stan Hart
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Paul Coker, Jr.

  • Known printings: Warner 5

  • Revenge Is Sweet
  • You Know You're Being Tormented When...
  • Astrological Forecast I
  • More Revenge Is Even Sweeter
  • Academy Award For Tormentees
  • The More Revenge The Better
  • Torment Primers
  • Astrological Forecast II
  • You Can't Have Too Much of a Good Thing, So More Revenge
  • The Tormentor Hall Of Fame
  • Astrological Forecast III
  • It's Academy Awards Time Again
  • Seasonal Torments
  • Don't Look Now, But We Got More Revenge For You
  • Torments By Mail
  • "Hey, Kids, How About More Torment Primers?" "Big Deal!"
  • A Day in the Life of a Tormentee
  • "How About More Revenges?" "Who Cares!"
  • "These Are The Last Torment Primers You'll Have To Read..."
    "Who Read The Others?"
  • "Okay, No More Nice Guy! Isn't It About Time You Bought This Book?" "No, It Didn't Hold My Interest!"
  • Back Cover - Promotional Text
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