The Mad Weirdo
Watcher's Guide - 1982

  • Written by: Tom Koch
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Jack Rickard

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Introduction
  • Easy-to-Identify Weirdness for the Beginning Spotter
    • An In-Depth Look at Paranoia
  • Intermediate Nuttiness for the Intermediate Spotter
    • A Closer View of Neurotic Hostility
  • Hard-to-Spot Neuroses for the Advanced Spotter
    • More Vital Data About Hypochondria
  • A Field Guide of the Birds
    • Labeling Loonies at School
    • Spotting Neurotics at Sports Events
    • Noticing Neurotics at the Office
    • Sniffing Out Sickos in Restaurants
    • Pinpointing Peculiarities in Supermarkets
    • Checking Out Chuckleheads at the Movies
    • Eyeballing Oddballs in the Home
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