The Mad World of
William M. Gaines

1973 paperback of the 1972 hardcover

  • Written by: Frank Jacobs

  • Publisher's Proem
  • Introduction
  • A Preface to Gaines
  • One Man's Family
  • You'll Never Amount to Anything
  • It's Your Business, Bill
  • You Sharpen the Pencils, the Pencils Sharpen Your Head
  • Bill! Bill!
  • The Ax Falls
  • Hello, Harvey... Goodbye, Harvey
  • The Making of Mad
  • Presenting a Portfolio of Rare Mad Cartoons from
    William M. Gaines' Souvenir Books of the MAD Trips
    (special color insert)
  • Gaines the Insatiable
  • Mind Your Own Business
  • Wives, Children, and Friends
  • 43-Man Squamish and Other Idiocies
  • The Neuman Conquest
  • Sung to the Tune of "Sue Me"
  • Gaines -- After a Fashion
  • Mad About the World
  • One Last Look
  • Index
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Image courtesy of John H. Wilson