Can you identify this artist?

I hope you can shed some light on this mystery. I know very little about MAD Magazine but since I have found this amazing piece of MAD artwork I'm learning. I found a cardboard cylinder while cleaning out my grandparents' house. In it contained an impressive drawing of three beautiful woman (a red head, brunette and blonde) kissing Alfred. It is a sketch done in paints? Chalk? and pencil. It is done in vellum. The caption on the top reads "What ~ Me Worry (Hah!)." The interesting thing is there is partial nudity (one woman's breast is exposed). It is signed "MILLER." This looks to have been done by a professional because the work is magnificent! I don't know how my grandfather acquired this and he is dead now. It must have been of some value since it was hidden in a safe place. My grandfather was not a MAD fan but he owned a monument business (maybe this was payment from a customer?). I can scan the picture for you and send it. Please let me know if any of this makes sense.

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Site-watcher Randy has some opinions and helpful advice for Lauren:

I can't say I can identify the artist, but I might have a suggestion that Lauren could follow up on to find out more about it. She mentioned in her letter that her grandfather was in the monument business. She could see if her grandfather was a member of any professional organizations or things like the Elks Club or Lions Club and went to conventions.
It's a possibility that the artist might have been a speaker or attendee at one of the conventions her grandfather went to and he either won or was awarded the artwork. Seeing the risque nature of the piece, it would remind me of something given away as a gift in that kind of context, especially if it were a professional convention or organization that was pretty much exclusively men.
I might also talk with a professional art appraiser or conservator - the medium is quite fragile and she might want to get it professional framed to preserve it.
I think the "Alfred E Newman" face may be throwing off ferreting out the source of the drawing. Since the face has been commonly seen since at least the late 19th century in parodies and cartoons, I'm wondering if the artist isn't associated with "Mad" and if the drawing might pre-date the magazine or would have been done during it's early period.
The style of the female figures looks like the kind of cartoon renderings of female figures that might have been seen in the 1940's or 50's. Having a blonde, a brunette and a redhead reminds me of one of Marilyn Monroe's popular pictures, "How to Marry a Millionaire" (1953), that featured her along with Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable - perhaps the artwork was inspired by the triad of beauties in that popular film? The figure in the upper left certainly looks like a Monroe takeoff.
I'd look for animators and cartoon artists working during this period who have the last name Miller. For example, there was a John Parr (J.P.) Miller who was a prominent artist for Walt Disney pictures and who was a children's book illustrator who joined the studio in 1934 and worked on many of Disney's classic features and the Golden Books licensed by the company. There are probably others that would be more or less well known that worked for Warner Brothers or MGM or that were illustrators for comics or magazines of the period.
The key would be finding examples of the artists's works and comparing the signatures and overall styles. An appraiser or historian of animation and cartoon history might be able to shed some more light on it. With a little digging, Lauren might discover that her grandfather belonged to the same organization as the artist or that the artist lived in or had relatives in a town where her grandfather lived.
Of course, it could just be a piece by a very talented local artist. Even as folk art, it's a wonderful bit of artwork worthy of preserving.
An interesting little mystery and a good candidate for "Antiques Roadshow" the next time they come to Lauren's town.