$3000 for the "Rare" Double-"A" Issue?

Sorry to disappoint all of you...Doug's altered #355 cover
There is only one version of MAD #355 and it has two "A"s as in "Alright Already!" I get this question more than any other question. Shortly after the issue came out, MAD must have been barraged with the same question, so they added fuel to the fire with issue #358 by reporting a $3000 value on the elusive double "A" issue in the letters section. They blamed it all on some guy named Godfrey.
Editors stir things up in #358 letters page It's a hoax, folks! Look at the cover logically. Could it possibly make sense with just one "A"? You wouldn't need a proofreader if MAAD was spelled correctly now, would you?!
The Real Mad #355, March 1997