In Honor of Mad's 65th Birthday
October/November 2017

65 Reasons I Enjoy MAD Enough To Waste Time Internetting It
In no particular order:

1 Dave Berg before The Lighter Side Planned Obsolescence, Push Carts, Pizza Pie, Modern Furniture, Big Cars
2 Al Jaffee's Fold-In
3 Anti-Smoking articles and ads
4 Basil Wolverton people
5 Consistent increase in value of the 23 comics
and many of the early magazines
6 Presidential humor
7 Sergio Aragones' marginals and
A Mad Look At...
8 Weird Words axolotl, poiuyt, furshlugginer,
moxie, ganef, potrzebie, etc.
9 Don Martin
10 Early guest articles Sid Caesar, Bob & Ray,
Ernie Kovacs,Orson Bean,
Jean Shepherd, Henry Morgan,
Eddie Lawrence, Tom Lehrer,
Wally Cox, Andy Griffith
11 Antonio Prohias' Spy Vs. Spy
12 Caricatures of famous people by the master
- Mort Drucker
13 Dumb responses to stupid letters
14 If you're just after regular issues,
they don't take up much space (click image).
15 What will they do with Alfred next?
16 Songs based on popular tunes
17 That middle-finger cover
18 Lack of Advertising
-well, at least before March 2001
19 They look so impressive all bagged and boxed in an orderly fashion
(click image).
20 You can impress or sicken your friends with your Mad knowledge
21 Ad parodies
22 TV and Movie parodies
(often better than the real movie)
23 Witty Writers Frank Jacobs, Larry Siegel,
Lou Silverstone, Stan Hart,
Paul Peter Porges, Tom Koch,
Dick DeBartolo, some of the new guys
24 That whole Bill Gaines mystique
25 Mad "Do-It-Yourself" articles
26 Bill Elder
-wild, madcap humor straight out of
a mental institution
27 Before the intertubes and Ebay, scary old book stores to rummage through looking for that one last issue to complete the collection.
28 Wally Wood
29 Mole
30 Old people remember it.
You can share it with your granny.
31 Sight gag covers
32 The Neuman smile
33 Creative Photo Editing from
Arnoldo Franchioni
34 Watching the magazine
change over the years.
As the times changed, so did Mad.
content, structure, layout, design
35 Bizzaro gross humor from Tom Bunk
36 That old, dry-rot smell of your not-so-well-maintained issues adding an air of authenticity to your entire collection.
37 J. Fred Muggs
38 The fun they had with Nixon
39 The fun they had with Vietnam
40 Self deprecating humor
- they knew they were trash before you did
41 Amazing inventions
42 Word play
43 Poetry
44 Harvey Kurtzman comic daze
45 Hippies
46 Cultural snapshot
- What were we interested in when?
47 The Mad Nasty File from the 80's
48 Hawks and Doves
49 Norman Mingo and Kelly Freas covers
50 Biting social commentary
- putting into words what we already know about ourselves
You Know You're Really... When...
51 Fake Magazines and Magazine Parodies
52 Scenes We'd Like To See
53 Ads for Mad Stuff like straightjackets,
cufflinks, Alfred E. Neuman busts,
books, calendars, watches, T-shirts
54 Believe It or Nuts!
55 Fake Catalogues
56 Annual 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things
57 The Fundalini Pages
58 Topical, controversial, consistently thought-provoking Max Brandel pieces
59 Anything by Teresa Burns Parkhurst
60 It's been around for 65 years!
What more could there be?!
61 George Woodbridge's amazing attention to historic detail
62 Paperback Books!
63 John Caldwell
64 OK... Dave Berg during The Lighter Side...
65 Horrifying Clichés

I have a few reasons to add to your 62 reasons:
1. The wit and wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman. Those little quotes in the table of contents are terrific.
2. Dave Bergs Lighter side. I know you included his pre-Lighter Side work, but I love the lighter side. As a teenager I loved how he drew hot girls, (Hell, I still love how he drew hot girls).
3. Black and White. I have always been a fan of pen and ink art. I am not a big fan of the new format.
4. Dick DeBartolo
5. Frank Jacobs
6. Wally Wood
7. Jack Davis
8. John Caldwell
9. Mad Super Specials. Back when I was a kid they had free junk in the Super Specials, like stamps, bumper stickers and best of all real records. That was cool stuff.
10. I know you counted both of these guys, but the two top reasons I started reading MAD, and continued reading over the years is Don Martin and Sergio Aragones.
Just thought I would send a few random thoughts, one MAD fan to the next.
A very nice site you have on the net. I read your 62 reasons for collecting Mad magazines.' I would like to add 'Horrifying Clichés' to the list! I'm not really a Mad magazine collector but I do have almost every issue from number 100 up. The prices of anything older than that are surprisingly steep, and out of reach for a normal (!) person. I find the new format somehow lifeless; the old one was better. Anyway, thanks for your site; keep up the good work!
Yours sincerely,
Tampere, Finland