Dave Berg's First Appearances?

Talk about longevity.
Dave Berg had been doing his thing with Mad since issue #34, August 1957
with an article titled Modern Furniture.
Dave Berg's first Mad article
He'll always be best known for his The Lighter Side series
which began with issue #66, October 1961 with
The Lighter Side of The Television Set.
Dave Berg's first Lighter Side
Maria Reidelbach wrote in her madsterpiece Completely Mad,
The Lighter Side got its start when Berg "played some home movies for (editor) Al Feldstein.
Berg had filmed his family and neighbors acting out short sketches of everyday situations that he had written,
and Feldstein suggested that he do the same thing in cartoon form.
All along, Berg's work has been distinguished by an eye for detail, a knack for drawing unique
people who somehow look just like the folks next door,
and a wry sensitivity to the foibles of life in the United States today."
Dave Berg passed away May 17, 2002.