Truly Worried?

Thanks to Max for noticing a pantsless Alfred on stilts looking worried on issue #103.

Mad #103

Alfred actually admits he's worried on the back cover of issue #210.

Mad Back Cover #210

Looking about as pale as Michael Jackson on issue #438.

Mad #438

Thanks to R. Slick for pointing out issue #328.

Mad #328

As the water rises to his eyeballs, Alfred looks a little worried on issue #461.
Thanks to Dalton for noticing.

Mad #461

For issue #485, you be the judge.

Mad #485

Was he scared of the devils or worried for the country?
Probably a bit of both on issue #517.

Mad #517
Thanks to Mad fan Mark Forer for pointing out a couple of other more obscure examples:

Issue #48, page 33: "Future Confession Books": Alfred has authored
"'I Worry!' America's most beloved idiot wonders how long his success will last."

In Issue #47, page 18, in Dave Berg's xlnt article "Little League",
an ace kid pitcher "prospect" is shown knockin' over a bunch of bottles in a carnival booth...
the caption is: "Baseball scouts will search the country for talented kids."
The kid's wearin' an "I Worry" Alfred E. Neuman T-Shirt!
(familiar A.E.N. stamp turned into an unhappy expression).