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A Puke Calypso Apocalypto Damon New Orleans, LA 3/26/2016
American Idiots American Idol Jasmine London 9/11/2006
An American Weirdo Wolfin' London An American Werewolf In London Chris London 10/3/1999
Anesthesia Anastasia Don Charleston, WV 8/4/1999
A Crock o' Sh**T Now Reflux Apocalypse Now Redux Scott Forest Hills, NY 9/14/2002
Austin Putzers: International Schmuck of Misery Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Josh Shannondale,WV 6/20/1999
Lost An Hour: The Spy Who Gagged Me Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Thomas 7/7/1999
Babe-less Babel Anton New York, NY 5/15/2009
WASTEketball BASEketball Joe Guatemala 10/21/1999
The Battleship Potrzebie The Battleship Potemkin Chris California 8/11/2000
Bland Runner Blade Runner Zaki Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5/26/1999
Blandshot Blindspot (TV series) Robert Vicksburg MS, USA 10/12/2015
Gross Out Blow Out Michael New Jersey 9/19/2001
The Schmooze Brothers The Blues Brothers Heather Beaumont, California 6/9/1999
The Old and The Pitiful The Bold and The Beautiful (TV Show) Indy Indianapolis, IN 10/18/2003
Middle Finger Bowfinger Avi Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel 2/25/2001
Bray Fart Braveheart Damon New Orleans, LA 3/28/2016
Bleaker Moron Breaker Morant Damon New Orleans, LA 3/21/2016
The Blecchfest Club The Breakfast Club Maggie South Carolina 3/2/2000
Toilet Proof Bulletproof Avi Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel 12/25/2000
Watch Me If You Can Stay Awake Catch Me If You Can James Canada 8/21/2010
Chariots Afire Chariots of Fire Damon New Orleans, LA 4/7/2016
Chasing Aimlessly Chasing Amy Mike Austin, Texas 4/5/2001
A Christmas Snore-y A Christmas Story Casey Longmont, CO 4/13/2002
The Chronic Ridicule The Chronicles of Riddick Mark Front Royal, VA 10/12/2005
City Blights City Lights Jonathan Indianapolis, IN 2/22/2003
Jerks Clerks Mike Austin, TX 6/4/2000
Cold, Creaky Manner Cold Creek Manor Nick Benicia, CA 6/18/2005
Clod Mountain Cold Mountain Michael Atlanta, GA 3/20/2004
Whines & Mystery-Meanings Crimes and Misdemeanors Veronica Liverpool, England 6/23/2002
The Mush The Crush Jonathan Indianapolis, IN 2/22/2003
Dawn of the Dumb Dawn of the Dead Erik Elyria, OH 3/19/2004
The Disaster of Sorrows The Day After Tomorrow Scott C. Nampa, Idaho, USA 6/26/2008
Bled Again Dead Again Jeff San Francisco 11/4/1999
Dead Man Sleeping Dead Man Walking Indy Gent Indianapolis, IN 7/18/2004
Da River's Rednecks Deliverance Mark Hays, Kansas 8/12/2001
Why Another Day? Die Another Day Colum England 12/22/2002
Dull-Vergent Divergent Robert Vicksburg, MS USA 7/22/2014
Dr.'ll Sue Us for how this Grouch Steals Christmas Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas Art California 1/13/2002
Dregma Dogma Mike Austin, Texas 4/5/2001
The Dorks The Doors Syafie Malaysia 12/17/2000
Driving Me Crazy Driving Miss Daisy W. Arnold Albany, New York 11/20/2004
Dude, I Think The Critics Took My Car Because We Made Them See This Movie Dude, Where's My Car? Spencer California 3/16/2002
Dom and Dahmer: Serial Killer Eats Fat Comic Dumb and Dumber Nick California 8/11/2000
Lame and Lamer Dumb and Dumber Nick Crestview, Florida 11/12/1999
Ed Wouldn't Ed Wood Dane Omaha, Nebraska 5/7/2005
Empire of the Runs Empire of the Sun Jimm USA 12/1/2000
Epic Fail Epic Movie Tasmin England 1/2/2010
Eternally Mundane of the Plotless Movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Saje California 4/18/2004
Everybody Says I Loathe You Everybody Says I Love You Matthew Queens, NY 9/14/2002
Fart on the Madding Crowd Far From the Madding Crowd Chris California 8/11/2000
Finding Ever-Bland Finding Neverland Dane Omaha, Nebraska 5/7/2005
Flee Billy Free Willy Brad San Antonio, TX 5/14/2015
Dull Medal Jackass Full Metal Jacket Patrick Warren, MI 6/15/2003
Hardened State Garden State Nick Benicia, CA 4/15/2005
Gone-Died Ghandi Indy Indianapolis, IN 10/18/2003
Snoria Gloria Matthew Queens, NYC 9/14/2002
The Molden Child The Golden Child Erik Elyria, OH 3/19/2004
Moldeneye Goldeneye George Sydney, Australia 6/12/1999
Flaw Within 60 Seconds Gone In 60 Seconds John North Carolina 1/18/2001
Not So Good Fellas Good Fellas Erik Elyria, OH 2/7/2004
Dude Still Hunting Good Will Hunting Eric Bozeman, MT 8/22/1999
GROSS! PLOINK! BLECHH! Grosse Point Blank Zaki Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5/26/1999
He Got Lame: a Spike Lee Joke He Got Game: a Spike Lee Joint Josh E. Douglas, Arizona 12/2/1999
Dullboy II: The Leaden Agony Hellboy II: The Golden Army Peter Philippines 10/21/2008
Harghh-raiser Hellraiser Marcio Cascavel, Brazil 4/1/2001
Hollow Weiner Halloween Hashtronaut Liverpool, UK 6/13/2006
Booziers Hoosiers Jonathan ? 1/11/2003
Hope Floaters Hope Floats Michael Ft. Worth, Texas 6/20/1999
How Weird...A DUCK! Howard The Duck Kevin Boise, Idaho 9/1/2002
The Uncreditables The Incredibles Nick Benicia, CA 4/15/2005
The Incredibly Strange Movie- makers Who Stopped Thinking and Turned the Audience into Crazy Mixed-Up Zombies The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
(A real movie from 1963, folks...)
Dan Long Island, New York 11/30/1999
I, Rubbish I, Robot Nick Benicia, CA 4/15/2005
John PU John Q John North Carolina 4/21/2002
Johnny Moronic Johnny Mnemonic Zaki Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 7/20/1999
Nosie & the Pushykatz Josie & the Pussycats Gary New Castle, Pa USA 1/26/2002
Ju-nope Juno Anton New York, NY 5/15/2009
Kangaroo Wack Kangaroo Jack kris New Zealand 4/13/2003
Kool Bull Kill Bill Chris London 4/29/2004
The Kooks ... and How to Be Them The Knack ... and How to Get It Dan Long Island, New York 10/6/1999
Crude Fool, Panda Kung Fu Panda Robert Vicksburg MS, USA 4/8/2016
Lady Gawk Lady Hawk Zach ? 10/23/2002
Lack of Action Hero Last Action Hero Rori Morton, IL 1/8/2000
La Furshlugginer Nikita La Femme Nikita Fuad Malaysia 6/12/2000
Criminally Bland Legally Blonde Anton New York, NY 5/15/2009
License to Swill License to Kill George Sydney, Australia 6/12/1999
Bored of these Guys Lord of the Flies Daniel Tasmania, Australia 7/20/2003
Lust in America Lost In America Adam New York 5/29/2000
Last Script Faced Lost In Space Steve Tennessee 3/11/2001
Bad TV Mad TV*** Tasmin England 1/2/2010
Mamma Mi-yecch! Mamma Mia! Peter Philippines 10/21/2008
Man, He's a Loon Man on the Moon Miss Rori 4/18/2000
My-Tricks Matrix* Saad Pakistan 7/15/2000
Men in Blecch Men In Black Don Charleston, WV 7/7/1999
Might-Be Joe Dung Mighty Joe Young Josh E. Douglas, Arizona 12/2/1999
The Mouthy Dorks The Mighty Ducks Nick Crestview, Florida 11/12/1999
Missed Congenitals Miss Congeniality JM Philippines 5/30/2002
Monstrous Bull Monster's Ball Veronica Liverpool, England 6/23/2002
Dullhollow Drivel Mullholland Drive Jake Scotland 6/9/2002
Naturally Boring Killers Natural Born Killers Joe Washington D.C. 6/3/1999
NCISucks NCIS Steven Dallas, TX 2/9/2012
No Plot Within It New York Minute Dylan Vallejo, CA 8/3/2011
Rotting Swill Notting Hill Squidgirl73 Klamath Falls, OR 9/6/1999
Another Dumb Movie About A Dumbass Fraternity With College Students, 3 Adults and A Very Old Man** Old School Michele Illinois 2/25/2005
Old Smeller Old Yeller Zach ? 10/23/2002
One-Eyed Jerks One-Eyed Jacks Tom St. Albans, WV 3/15/2001
Get Out of Africa Out of Africa Arnold Albany, NY 11/13/2008
Apparent Crap The Parent Trap Maggie South Carolina 3/2/2000
Dorks in Recreation Parks and Recreation (TV Show) James Niagara Falls, NY 5/16/2009
Poissons Passions (TV Soap Opera) Maggie South Carolina 7/18/2000
Mauled Fart: Gall Top Paul Blart: Mall Cop James West Virginia 1/15/2016
Asinine Plan From Outer Space Plan 9 From Outer Space Tom St. Albans, WV 4/19/2001
Police Calamity Police Academy Justin Leola, PA 4/16/2010
Pukemon - The Worst Robbery Pokemon - The First Movie xTASKERx Montreal, Canada 1/20/2000
Dismember Their Tritons Remember The Titans Chan Malaysia 3/11/2001
Messy Gore Hogs Reservoir Dogs Eric Bozeman, MT 8/22/1999
The Schlocky Homo Picture Show The Rocky Horror Picture Show Phil Burgess Hill, England 8/2/1999
The Bugbats Movie The Rugrats Movie Michael Hollis Hills, New York 10/29/2000
Salve-odor Salvador Syafie Malaysia 12/17/2000
Saving Ryan's Privates Saving Private Ryan Doug Gresham, Oregon 6/1/1999
Scarring Movie Scary Movie Saje California 4/18/2004
Schindler's Pissed Schindler's List Dane Iowa City, Iowa 5/17/2002
Woop-de Doo Scooby Doo Colum England 12/22/2002
17 Bucks Blown Again 17 Again Anton New York, NY 10/17/2009
The Snore The Score Jerry ? 1/13/2002
Dang Shy Buffoon Shanghai Noon McDonald USA 9/7/2001
The Shoddy Rejection The Shawshank Redemption Mark Hays, Kansas 8/12/2001
Schlock Treatment Shock Treatment Phil Burgess Hill, England 8/2/1999
Shr-ecch! Shrek J? Philippines 11/18/2001
Sick-Teen Can-Dulls Sixteen Candles Stan USA 1/29/2006
The Anti-Social Nerd's Work The Social Network Art USA 8/28/2013
Feces Species Thomas 6/2/1999
Insipid: Ballad of the Dim Moron Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Alex Arizona 7/1/2002
The HugeSlob UnfairPants (GACCK!) Movie The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Dylan Vallejo, CA 10/27/2011
Star Blecch Phase, Too! Star Trek: Phase II **** Frank England, UK 7/8/2011
Schlemeil Steel Dave Texas 10/25/2001
Dumber Magic Summer Magic Adam California 6/10/2008
Stupid Scar Superstar Alex USA 4/27/2002
Balk Radio Talk Radio Rafiz Malaysia 12/15/2000
Taxing Drivel Taxi Driver Doug Gresham, Oregon 5/31/1999
In Terms of Enjoyment Terms of Endearment Dane Iowa City, Iowa 5/26/2002
There Will Be Schmucks There Will Be Blood Freddy Reno, Nevada 7/18/2008
13 Daze 13 Days John North Carolina 3/1/2001
This is Spiteful Crap This Is Spinal Tap Tom St. Albans, WV 9/10/2000
This Thomas Crown Ain't Fair! The Thomas Crown Affair Joe Washington D.C. 10/5/1999
A Time Traveling Plight The Time Traveler's Wife James Ontario 9/9/2009
20,000 Leaks Under the Sea 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Don Charleston, WV 7/21/1999
Twi-blight Twilight James St. Catherines, Ontario 12/15/2009
Twin Wreaks: Fire the Director Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Doug Gresham, Oregon 5/31/1999
WhoHF UHF Jimm USA 12/1/2000
Blunderdog Underdog Dylan Vallejo, CA 8/3/2011
Unforgiving Unforgiven Arnold Albany, New York 11/6/2004
Eww Turd U Turn Syafie Malaysia 12/17/2000
Balking Fall Walking Tall Saje California 4/18/2004
Smell-E Wall-E Peter Philippines 10/21/2008
The Bore-iors The Warriors Adam Santa Clarita, CA 2/24/2008
What Good Could Happen From This? What's The Worst That Could Happen? Hawk Jefferson, MA 6/1/2001
Mild Slogs Wild Hogs Mike Endicott, NY 4/15/2007
The Dumb and the Feckless The Young and The Restless (TV Show) Indy Indianapolis, IN 10/18/2003
Sorrow Zorro KD Bombay, India 4/18/2000

* I don't normally show submissions for names if Mad has already done a parody, as is the case with The Faketrix from issue #384. But I don't get submissions from Pakistan everyday, so I'm making an exception for Saad!

**Michele's submission would be way too long by Mad standards and it's also no where near the actual title, but it struck me funny for some reason.

***Tasmin made a good case for including this TV show (though it violates my terms of use and makes my little world collapse in on itself).

****Frank says this is what eventually became the first Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I'm not going to argue with him on this one. You don't want to get into it with Trekkies.

Submissions go through a screening process on my site. The art of coming up with a Mad-like Movie Title depends on a few guidelines. Study some of the best titles Mad's done over the years and you'll notice:
1)Titles contain an element of commentary about the movie: usually that it's a bad movie.
2)Simply changing a word into something new with no regard for satire or comic effect is not very funny. So "Smellvenger" isn't a very good replacement for "Avenger." Mad words like "Yecch" and "Ecch" are acceptable.
3)Some element of rhyme or close similarity is employed.
4)The best titles make you work to figure out their implications. Examples: "It's Depends Day" for "Independence Day" or "Five Easy Pages" for "Five Easy Pieces"

So you see, making a Mad-like Movie Title is not an easy task.

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