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Carrie Strachan

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(* C=Color)

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C The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2004
18. John Kerry - "Identity Crisis" -
(Infinite Crisis comic book cover parody)
Tom Fowler 449 - Jan 2005
C Clooney as The Bat (reprint color) Frank Jacobs, Paul Coker Mad Presents
Sep 2012
C Spy vs. Spy (reprint color) Don (Duck) Edwing,
Bob Clarke
SCE-4 - 2014
C Spy vs. Spy (reprint color) Bob Clarke, Antonio Prohias SCE-4 - 2014
C A Mad Look at Elections (reprint color) Sergio Aragones SCE-6 - 2014
C A Kid's Guide to B.S.-ing Through Life
the George W. Bush Way (reprint color)
Mark Cantrell,
Amanda Conner
SCE-6 - 2014
C The Reagan White House Garage Sale (reprint color) Lou Silverstone, Bob Clarke SCE-6 - 2014
C Q.T. The Quasi-Terrestrial (movie satire) (reprint color) Jack Davis, Stan Hart SCE-11 - 2015
C Alienators (movie satire) (reprint color) Jack Davis, Dick DeBartolo SCE-11 - 2015
C Groan With the Wind (movie satire) (reprint color) Jack Davis, Stan Hart SCE-12 - 2016
C Other Much Needed Rules Named for
the Irksome People Who Inspired Them (reprint color)
Mike Snider, Sam Viviano SCE-13 - 2016
C Sad (Michael Jackson song parody) (reprint color) Frank Jacobs, Jack Davis SCE-13 - 2016
C The Goofies (movie satire) (reprint color) Stan Hart, Jack Davis SCE-13 - 2016
C various Antonio Prohias Spy vs Spy articles (reprint color) Antonio Prohias SCE-14 - 2016
C Historical Inaccuracies in Hamilton Sam Viviano, Kenny Keil 541 - Oct 2016
C Christmas Is... (reprint color) Gilbert Barnhill, Al Jaffee SCE-15 - 2016
C The Month Before Christmas -
(A Non-Scheduled Visit From St. Nicholas) (reprint color)
Frank Jacobs, Don Martin SCE-15 - 2016
C A Boy and His Chemistry Set (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-16 - 2017
C Screech 2 (movie satire) (reprint color) Arnie Kogen, Angelo Torres SCE-16 - 2017
C A Liberal Hopes / A Liberal Knows Rick Tulka, Christian Alsis 548 - Dec 2017
C The Faketrix (movie satire) (reprint color) Dick DeBartolo, Angelo Torres SCE-17 - 2017