The Don Martin Dictionary

A Collection of Sound Effects from his Mad Magazine Pages
Edited by Ed Norris, Publisher of The MAD Panic

Idea by Richard Parks / Artwork by Marten Jallad
Dictionary Research Team:

Doug Gilford
  • Doug Gilford
  • John E. Hett
  • Marten Jallad
  • Ricky Long
  • Jerry Moore
  • Ed Norris
  • Richard Parks
  • Rick Stoner
  • D.J. Williams
Originally published in John Hett's
The Journal of MADness #12
November 2001

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Copyright 2001, 2002 by Edward Norris and John Hett. All rights reserved.

In January 2016, Doug Gilford added a fourth column for the "ARTICLE TITLE"
along with sounds from all MAD Specials containing sticker bonuses, MAD Disco, and MAD 84.
Notes and thoughts at Mad Mumblings.

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