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Die Hard, Moonstruck, Married to the Mob,
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Last Temptation of Christ,
Tequila Sunrise, Midnight Run, A Fish Called Wanda,
Stan Hart / Sam Viviano 289 - Sep 1989
When Harry Met Sally..., Dead Poets Society,
License to Kill, Do the Right Thing,
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, The Karate Kid III,
Field of Dreams, Parenthood
Stan Hart / Sam Viviano 293 - Mar 1990
Always, Tango and Cash, Steel Magnolias,
Crimes and Misdemeanors, Uncle Buck,
The Fabulous Baker Boys, Christmas Vacation,
Harlem Nights, She Devil, Sea of Love
Stan Hart / Sam Viviano 296 - Jul 1990
NOTE: This entry was a little different, not only because Mort Drucker
did the art, but because the movie titles were done in the expected Mad
fashion and the reviews themselves were a parody of Siskel and Ebert!

Die Even Harder 2, Slutty Woman, Days of Blunder,
Flopliners, Dorkman, Presumed Impotent
Stan Hart / Mort Drucker 302 - Apr 1991
Awakenings, Mermaids, Kindergarten Cop, Hamlet,
Sleeping With the Enemy, Misery
Stan Hart / Sam Viviano 304 - Jul 1991
City Slickers, Thelma and Louise, The Rocketeer,
Truth or Dare, The Doctor, Regarding Henry
Stan Hart / Sam Viviano 310 - Apr 1992
Mad's Video Reviews

excerpt from Mad's Video Reviews - from #310 - April 1992