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Mad Roulette

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Mad continuity through channel-surfing.

Sunday Evening Television Roulette Steve Allen, Ed Sullivan, Jayne Mansfield, Mercury Cars,
Eydie Gormé, Brett Maverick, Señor Wences, Polaroid,
"Man on the Street," Drano, 400 German Hausfraus,
Mickey Mantle, Henny Youngman, The Four Aces, Ben Hogan,
Greyhound busses, "Vesti La Giubba," Belgian Congo Ballet
Gary Belkin / Mort Drucker 46 - Apr 1959
Commercial Roulette Liquid Wisk, Miller High Life, Anacin, Bufferin,
Danny Thomas for Post Cereals, Rival dog food,
Dorothy Lamour, Jockey Shorts, Betty Furness for
Westinghouse, Ford Station Wagon, Chevrolet, Drano,
Gillette Razor, Hertz rent a car, Dash laundry detergent,
Elliot Ness, The Untouchables, William Shakespeare,
Paper-Mate Pen, Colgate, Ban deodorant, Arpège perfume,
Jack Paar, The Republican National Committee, Mr. Clean
Gary Belkin / Bob Clarke 59 - Dec 1960
Paperback Roulette Title Reading Game featuring:
Love Stories, Crime Stories, Western Stories, Success Stories,
Confession Stories, Self-Improvement & Philosophy
Sy Reit / Bob Clarke 63 - Jun 1961
Midnight TV Roulette Switching between:
a 1939 horror movie on "Monster Playhouse,"
"The Jack Parr Show,"
and another re-run of Hamlet starring Laurence Olivier
Gary Belkin / Jack Rickard 68 - Jan 1962
Late Night TV Roulette Switching between:
"The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon
(with Buddy Hackett, Diana Ross and The Supremes),
a Western on "The Late Million Dollar Movie Great,"
and The Evening News (with glimpses of Richard Nixon,
Cape Kennedy, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Hubert Humphrey,
Planned Parenthood, and Lady Bird Johnson)
Arnie Kogen / photos 116 - Jan 1968
Mad's Cable TV Roulette House of Representatives, Weird-Al Yankovic on MTV,
Jimmy Swaggart, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, The Miracle Slicer,
Huricane Edna, exercise show, Greg Gumbel, Julia Child,
ESPN guys, Richard Simmons, David Lee Roth,
Ronald Reagan, "120 Music Masterpieces"
Mike Snider / photos 266 - Oct 1986
Mad Roulette

excerpt from Commercial Roulette - from 59 - December 1960