Mad #424 December 2002

  • Cover Artist: Mort Drucker
  • Mad's Politically Incorrect
    "Gulf Wars: Clone of the Attack" Poster
    (written by Arie Kaplan and Scott Sonneborn)
    (Scott Bricher art / AP & Wide World photos)
  • Contents Page
  • Letters (readers recall first exposure to Mad)
    (#423 crossword solution)
  • Idiot-Finding Schematic for Issue #423's
    The Usual Gang of Idiots 1952-2002 Pull-Out Poster
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn-Out Dramas
    **various places around the magazine
  • Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels (movie satire)
    (written by Desmond Devlin / Tom Richmond art)
  • Mad's All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself
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