The Mad Pet Book - 1983

  • Artist and Writer: Paul Coker, Jr.

  • Known printings: Warner 3

  • Dedication to "Pup" - 1967-1980
  • Choosing Your Pet
    • "A random examination of some possibilities and impossibilities for you to ponder."
  • Housing Your Pet
    • "This section covers details that the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Interior Designers consider absurd."
  • Your Pet's Diet
    • "From nouvelle to not-so-nouvelle cuisine. A low cholesterol look at food for your pet that both Craig Claiborne and Julia Child have found to be disgusting."
  • Training Your Pet
    • "Various ways to teach your pet the benefits of being a good citizen. Methods that, to even the cleverest pet, will be completely incomprehensible."
  • The Health of Your Pet
    • "Some suggestions that should help you recognize and deal with various common pet problems. A guide you will find to be complete and useful for all occasions unless of course he's sick."
  • Some Final Obfuscations
    • "Wherein the author tries to fill the remaining pages with something mildly amusing - at last."
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