Articles mysteriously missing from the Totally Mad CD ROM
Way back in 1999, Broderbund, the good folks who produced the 7-CD-Rom set, was not able to put every article in the collection. They should have been a little more truthful in the titling and packaging of the product, but they probably would have had a harder time selling the Not Quite Totally Mad CD ROM.
Later in 2005 when Absolutely Mad came out in DVD format, the same articles went missing.
Below are the articles I've come across. I decided to put them on the site because the electronic viewing of the articles saves my original magazines. The net allows me to look at my copies on other people's computers, so I'm not restricted to looking at the articles on just my home computer. My aims are for the preservation of my magazines and easy access to the missing articles like Broderbund's great product allows for all the other Mad articles, but unlike Broderbund, I'm not making a profit by doing it.
In 2011, a mystery contributor put my scans into a .pdf format.
Issue Article Title Pages Possible Reason Why The Article Wasn't Included?
#30 A Saw Screams At Midnight 38 and 39 Originally taken from a book by the same title copyrighted in 1956.
Broderbund was probably unable to get permission from the original publisher, E.P. Dutton & Co. A long-shot might be that Carl Reiner didn't want his photos featured.
#32 The Night People vs.
"Creeping Meatballism"
41 thru 44 Mad claims to have recorded these "off-the-cuff remarks" from famous disc-jockey of the time, Jean Shepherd. Broderbund was probably unable tosecure permission from the Shepherd estate.
#33 The Old Philosopher Sobs
"The Disc Jockey's Lament"
34 and 35 From an original song by Eddie Lawrence produced by Coral Records, Inc. Broderbund most likely couldn't get permission from Lawrence and/or Coral Records.
#36 My Frien' Dufo 12 thru 15 Mad's "illustrated version" of a Wally Cox monologue was obviously not as easy for Broderbund to duplicate on the CD-ROM. The Cox estate probably said "no".
#40 What It Was, Was Football! 44 thru 47 This Andy Griffith routine launched his career and was originally put out by Capital Records. Broderbund must have had problems getting permission from Griffith and/or Capital Records.
#80 Look What's Talking! 16 and 17 Mad reprinted samples from a book by the same title published in 1962 by Far Flung Enterprises. The original publisher or creators probably refused to give Broderbund permission, but I'd like to believe it's because at least a couple of the samples are in outdated, politically incorrect poor taste and could potentially offend people of German or Asian descent.
#89 Comic Strips They'd
Really Like To Do
38 thru 41 Popular comic strip artists of the time contributed strips to Mad and as a bonus explained why their submissions were strips they really wanted to do. Broderbund must have had problems with one or more of the six contributors.
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