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Carl Peterson

Contributions in Order of Appearance
(* C=Color)

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C Mad's Etiquette Guide to Same Sex Weddings (reprint color) John Caldwell Classics #17 -
Sep 2007
C The Distinguishing Warning Signs of a Crummy Fraternity
(reprint color)
John Caldwell Classics #18 -
Oct 2007
C Spectator's Fun Guide to the New York City Marathon
(reprint color)
John Caldwell Classics #19 -
Nov 2007
C Monroe... and The Tutor Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
484 - Dec 2007
C Under-Represented and Over-Represented Groups on TV
(reprint color)
Mike Snider,
Angelo Torres
Classics #20 -
Jan 2008
C Perennial Sports Calendar (reprint color) Mike Mikula,
Paul Coker, Jr.
Classics #20 -
Jan 2008
C Monroe And... Teen Obesity Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
491 - Jul 2008
C Monroe And... the New Phone Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
493 - Sep 2008
C Monroe And... Domestic Terror Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
495 - Nov 2008
C Monroe And... the Natural Disaster Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
496 - Dec 2008
C Monroe And... The Plane Trip Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
498 - Feb 2009
C The Fundalini Pages - Monroe And... The Brief Disappearance Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler, Rob Leigh
500 - Jun 2009
C The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2009
10. The Octomom - "The Suleman Family Circus" -
(The Family Circus comic strip parody)
Gary Hallgren 502 - Jan 2010
C Monroe And... The Job Anthony Barbieri
Tom Fowler
502 - Jan 2010
C A Mad Look At The Apocalypse Sergio Aragones
Tom Luth
512 - Dec 2011
C Are You a Candidate For the Zit Hall of Fame? Tom Cheney 512 - Dec 2011
C A Mad Look at Batman (reprint color) Sergio Aragones Mad Presents
- Sep 2012
C Batsman: The Anemic Series (reprint color) Dick DeBartolo,
Sam Viviano
Mad Presents
- Sep 2012
C Frequently Overlooked Benefits of Being a Zombie Tom Cheney 520 - Apr 2013
C The Fundalini Pages -
Signs You're Too Fat to Receive the Death Penalty
Al Jaffee 522 - Sep 2013
C Rules of Office Cubicle Etiquette Tom Cheney 523 - Oct 2013
C Mad's Instant TV Reviews (reprint color) Russ Cooper, Rick Tulka SCE-4 - 2014
C The Pump Idea in Other Products (reprint color) Al Jaffee SCE-4 - 2014
C How TV Networks Can Work Simpson Trial Updates
Into Their Regular Programming (reprint color)
John Boni, Paul Coker SCE-4 - 2014
C Dr. Kevorkian, Moonlighter (reprint color) John Caldwell SCE-4 - 2014
C Body Modification Trends of the Future (reprint color) Tom Bunk, Sean Farrelly,
Brian Farrelly
SCE-4 - 2014
C How Monica Lewinski Changed the World (reprint color) Desmond Devlin,
Paul Coker
SCE-4 - 2014
C Reel vs. Real (reprint color) Russ Cooper,
Sam Viviano
SCE-4 - 2014
C Ecch-Files (TV satire) (reprint color) Dick DeBartolo,
Angelo Torres
SCE-4 - 2014
C Mad's 1999 Political Christmas Carols (reprint color) Frank Jacobs, Paul Coker SCE-6 - 2014
C Only a Republican/Democrat Could Possibly Believe...
(reprint color)
Russ Cooper, Paul Coker SCE-6 - 2014
C Horrifying Political Cliches(reprint color) Frank Jacobs, Paul Coker SCE-6 - 2014
C The Darker Side of The Lighter Side Dave Berg 532 - Apr 2015
C At the Movies (from #69) (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-8 - 2015
C At the Movies (from #74) (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-8 - 2015
C At a Matinee (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-8 - 2015
C One Fine Day Downtown While Watching a Double Feature
(reprint color)
Don Martin SCE-8 - 2015
C The Alarming Alien Atrocity (reprint color) Don (Duck) Edwing SCE-11 - 2015
C The Ecch Files -- Fight This Feature
(movie satire) (reprint color)
Dick DeBartolo,
Timothy Shamey
SCE-11 - 2015
C One Fine Morning at the Office (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-13 - 2016
C The Lighter Side of... (reprint color) Dave Berg SCE-13 - 2016
C Don Martin's Return of the Jedi Out-Takes (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-13 - 2016
C One Fine Day Crosstown (reprint color) Don Martin SCE-13 - 2016