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that makes your mind go Snap-Crackle-Pop!
36 - Dec 1957
P Back Cover -- Winsten Cigarettes (ad parody) 37 - Jan 1958
P Ad for the Mad T-Shirt -
"I like to attract attention and get thrown out of the best places!" - $1.25
(Al Feldstein and Nick Meglin normally dressed club patrons,
Jerry DeFuccio about to get thrown out for wearing a Mad T-shirt)
39 - May 1958
P Ad for the Mad T-Shirt -
"The perfect thing for romantic Mad fans who want to be alone!" - $1.25
(Nick Meglin and unknown lady in movie theater)
40 - Jul 1958
P Ad - You'll be a "knockout" in a Mad T-Shirt! - $1.25
(Al Feldstein ring announcer, Nick Meglin upright boxer,
Jerry DeFuccio boxer on mat)
41 - Sep 1958
P Ad - You'll be a "horror" in a Mad T-Shirt! - $1.25
(Al Feldstein Igor, Nick Meglin monster, Jerry DeFuccio Dr. Frankenstein)
42 - Nov 1958
P Ad - You'll "go far" in a Mad T-Shirt! - $1.25
(Al Feldstein, John Putnam, Jerry DeFuccio as hobos in boxcar)
43 - Dec 1958
P Ad - You'll be "Chairman of the Board" in your Mad T-Shirt! 44 - Jan 1959
P Subscription Ad -
"Why bum around the country looking for Mad when you can subscribe!"
(uncredited photo of same train hobos from #43's T-Shirt ad:
Al Feldstein, John Putnam, Jerry DeFuccio)
45 - Mar 1959
P It Pays to Read the Label -- Mama Mia Frank Jacobs,
Joe Orlando
45 - Mar 1959
P Subscription Ad -
Why fight over the only copy of Mad on the newsstand when you can subscribe!
(featuring Al Feldstein, Nick Meglin and Jerry DeFuccio
in different photo from same Frankenstein scene from #42's T-Shirt ad)
50 - Oct 1959
P Ad for gift subscription (different photo from #37 back cover session) 84 - Jan 1964