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Added contents for Mad #550 and MADvertising and

Mad Dumps on Trump - Special Edition, since August 16, 1997 --- 20 years! - (big deal),
A resource for collectors and fans of the world's most important (ecch!) humor publication: --- Mad Magazine ---
Celebrating its 66th year in 2018.

The Legend to a Legendary Poster!

Within MAD's 2013 book Inside Mad you'll find Sergio Aragonés' amazing poster showing six decades of Madness in the New York Mad offices. To help you identify every person and thing he's drawn, I put together an interactive viewer with labels!

Mad Specials and Annuals!

Here are links to all 141 Mad Specials and all 31 annuals (More Trash, The Worst and Follies).
Mad Specials and annuals were reprints of past articles, sometimes with new stuff thrown in.
Each magazine's contents page has reprinted article titles linked to their regular issue sources.
Where new stuff exclusive to the magazines happen, I note the article title in red.
The UGOI (Usual Gang Of Idiots: contributing artists, writers, etc.) responsible for non-reprinted,
original material has been added to each idiot's respective list!

Paperbacks! Paperbacks!

MAD produced 222 paperback books between 1954 and 1993. This link takes you to the reprint books and the writer/artist specific books, complete with content listings.

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Mad's Former Art Director Sam Viviano
Sam Viviano
Mad's Art Director

Hey, Doug!
Thanks again for remaining such a staunch fan of the magazine.
I can't tell you how much we here at the magazine rely on your site.
By the way, extra kudos to you for updating your site with more
extensive contents and back cover scans.
I sometimes wonder when you find the time!
Your buddy,

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Added a bunch more
Bradford Smith
signatures to his
collection featuring
424 signatures
on 195 MADs!
Old Alfred
"Who is this guy on every Mad Magazine?"
If you're new to MAD or somehow missed it growing up,
take this 20 question basic knowledge quiz and read a brief history.

Scott Gosar has been selling Mad Magazines and lots of other humor publications for many years. He's definitely worth checking out if you're struggling in your search. He's also a wealth of information if a certain thing you thought you saw 20 years ago is keeping you up nights. Visit his site and tell him Doug sent you!
Tim Johnson's Auctions

Have you seen Mad artist Tom Richmond's fantastic book?
It's called The Mad Art of Caricature!
What a great resource for budding caricaturists.
It's also great for fans of the form, like me, who shake our heads
in wonder about how it's done. Lots of great Mad stuff inside, too!
Get it for yourself or the artist in your family.

Order it today!

If you happened upon my site and you actually made it this far
down the page, I've got news for you: You have more than a
passing interest in Mad Magazine. And if you haven't had the
pleasure of reading Frank Jacobs' masterpiece
The Mad World of William M. Gaines,
then I'm not sure what to say.

Drop everything and buy it now!

A couple more older books that are required for your collection are Dick DeBartolo's Good Days and Mad and Maria Reidelbach's Completely Mad. Both books will give you history and laughs aplenty!

Doug recommends you further your Mad education. Buy this fine MAD junk.
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An incredibly
CHEAP way to read the 23 Mad comics books!

In case you've got nothing better to do with your money...
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