Mad #544 April 2017

  • Cover Artist: Mark Fredrickson
  • Ad for Goodnight Batcave
  • Contents Page
  • Letters (Mad remembers Don (Duck) Edwing 1934-2016
    and Paul Peter Porges 1927-2016) ( shown amongst Trump's magazine collection in Fox News report)
  • Ad for subscriptions with Inside Mad bonus
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn Out Dramas
    **various obscure places around the magazine
  • The Fundalini Pages
    • The Stupid Six - President Trump's Changes to
      The Celebrity Apprentice (Paul Coker art)
    • The Cover We Didn't Use (Kyle Bridgett)
    • A Walk in the Parkhurst
      (Teresa Burns Parkhurst)
    • Conclusive Proof Russia Hacked the DNC
      (Ward Sutton art)
    • The Fast Five - Features of Amazon's
      New Grocery Store (Bob Staake art)
    • Putin's Influence Over Trump
      Continues to Grow
    • Goosebumps Books for Millennials
      (written by Mike Morse / Sarah Chalek art)
    • The Stupider Six -
      How WWE's Linda McMahon is Changing
      Trump's Administration (Stephen Silver art)
    • You Know You're Really 35 Years Old When...
      (Britney Spears Edition) (Rick Tulka art)
    • Questions You Shouldn't Ask When Buying a Car
      (written by Matt Lassen / Tom Bunk art)
    • Breaking Down the
      Star Wars: Rogue One Poster
    • True Non-Crime! Shocking Tales of
      Those Who Obey the Law (Sara Lautman)
    • Trump Criticizes Other
      Broadway Shows Besides Hamilton
    • Trump's New Presidential Seal
    • A Bit of Hanky-Panckeri (Drew Panckeri)
    • AOL Start-Up Screens We'd Like To See
      (written by Jeff Kruse)
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  • Fanatic Dweebs and How to Fleece Them (movie satire)
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