Mad #235 December 1982

  • Cover Artist: Jack Rickard
  • Note: This contents page should technically be read in reverse.
  • Ad for Mad Super Special Spring 1983
    Cops, Politicians, Teachers, and Other Corrupt Professions
  • Contents Page
  • Letters
  • Ad for Mad Barfs Paperback, Alfred E. Neuman portraits,
    Subscriptions (Paul Coker, Jr. art)
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn-Out Dramas
    **various places around the magazine
  • Rockhead III (movie satire)
    (written by Arnie Kogen / Jack Davis art)
  • Hidden Charges in Typical Bills
    (written by Stan Hart / Bob Clarke art)
  • Dumb Kind of Hero (movie satire)
    (written by Larry Siegel / Mort Drucker art)
  • A Desert Island Game Plan (Don (Duck) Edwing)
  • T-Shirts With Messages We'd Like to See
    (written by Larry Siegel / George Woodbridge art)
  • The Lighter Side of... (Dave Berg)
  • Help Wanted Ads We Never Get To See
    (written by Mike Snider)
  • Mad's Real Life "Catch 22's"
    (written by Lou Silverstone / Paul Coker, Jr. art)
  • "If Elected, I Solemnly Promise..."
    (written by Tom Koch / Al Jaffee art)
  • Spy vs. Spy (Antonio Prohias)
  • The Yaks of Life (TV satire)
    (written by Tom Koch / Angelo Torres art)
  • Conehead The Barbituate (movie satire)
    (written by Dick DeBartolo / Don Martin art)
  • Page which reads "Hey, Hairball!! We already told you...! This is the back of Mad! Mainly...this is the last page upside-down!! What are you messing around here for?! Turn to the front of the magazine...and start reading like any normal person! we have to spell out everything for you?"
  • Fold-In -- What would be a vast improvement
    on the "right to bear arms?" (Al Jaffee)
  • Back (Front?) Cover - Conan the Barbarian Cuts the Baloney (written by Al Jaffee / Boris Vallejo art)
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