Mad #548 December 2017

  • Cover Artist: Tom Richmond
  • Ad for subscriptions
  • Contents Page
  • Letters (MAD notes the passing of Stan Hart)
    (Celebrity Snaps: Lin-Manual Miranda and Annie Golden)
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn Out Dramas
    **various obscure places around the magazine
  • Ad for Mad Presents Superman and the Miserable,
    Rotten, No Fun, Really Bad Day
  • The Trumpalini Pages
    • The Fast Five - Ways to Convince Trump
      Climate Change is Real (Alejandro Rivas art)
    • The Boy Scout Law -
      Rewritten by Donald Trump
    • Things Trump and Putin Agreed/Disagreed About
      at Their G20 Meeting (Anton Emdin art)
    • "Mitch McConnell had a Bill"
      (Ward Sutton art)
    • The Startling Similarities and Differences
      Between President Trump and Captain Underpants
      (Sarah Chalek art)
    • A Movie We'd Like to See -
      There's Something about Russia (Mike Loew art)
    • How Does Donald Trump Jr. Stack Up Against Other Famous Juniors?
  • The Fundalini Pages
    • The Eerie Eight - How Will Being Owned By Amazon Change Whole Foods? (Ed Steckley art)
    • Adam's Bomb (Jon Adams)
    • Sports Mascots Shenanigans Yet to Be Exposed
    • New Democratic Party Slogans
      Better than "A Better Deal"
    • Results of a Recent Paranormal Beliefs Survey
      (written by Jeff Kruse)
    • Airline Controversies You May Have Missed
      (written by Jeff Kruse / Kevin Pope art)
    • Ways to Celebrate National Hot Dog Day
      (Rich Powell art)
    • A Walk in the Parkhurst
      (Teresa Burns Parkhurst)
    • A Bit of Hanky-Panckeri (Drew Panckeri)
    • Reasons Why Queen Elizabeth Needs a Raise
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