Mad's Believe It or Nuts! - 1986

  • Written by: Frank Jacobs
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Bob Clarke

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Mad's beloved variation of Robert "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" sees these paperback pages after years of being featured in the magazine.
  • Excerpts -
    • "Was it fate or coincidence? In 1948 Allan Jaffee lost a pocket watch while trout fishing in a Montana river! 21 years later, while fishing in Colorado, he hooked a large trout! Inside the trout was a pocket watch! Examining the watch, Jaffee discovered it was not the same one he'd lost in Montana! But he's pretty close to certain it was the same trout!"
    • "Tennis ace Angelo Torres is so superstitious that he has used the same tennis ball for 14 years! Perhaps it should also be mentioned that Torres is incredibly cheap!"
    • "He fell 8000 feet without a scratch! Sucked out of a plane, William Gaines plunged 8000 feet to the ground and survived with no bruises of broken bones! The judges, however, didn't like his form and he never made it to the finals!"
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