Mad #440 April 2004

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    • Melvin & Jenkins' Guide to Television
    • Classified Ads
    • Monkeys Are Always Funny
    • Celebrity Cause of Death Betting Odds - Simon Cowell
    • Videogame Corner - Things You Won't Overhear at the Next Videogame Convention
    • Going to the Caldwell Once Too Often
    • Graphic Novel Review - Te-Di-Um! Legendary Legend of the Legend by Secun-Rate Hak
    • The Godfrey Report
    • What's Pete Rose Betting On This Month?
    • The Martha Stewart Trial - The Case For & Against
    • Best Sellers Cut Down to Size - Bill O'Reilly - Who's Looking Out For You?
    • Vey To Go
    • Bitterman
  • Ad for taking Mad's survey
  • Bored of the Rings: Rehash of the Thing (movie satire)
    (written by Desmond Devlin / Hermann Mejia art)
  • Is Your Mom's New Boyfriend a Keeper or a Loser? (John Caldwell)
  • Spy vs. Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • Survivor: World Leaders (written by Joe Raiola / Sam Sisco art)
  • A Mad Look at Exams (Sergio Aragones)
  • Mad's Trumped-Up Scenes from The Apprentice (written by and video captures by Mike Snider)
  • Duke Bissell's Tales of Undisputed Interest (P. C. Vey)
  • Mad's Suggestions for Improving American Idol (written by Greg Leitman / Tom Richmond art)
  • Monroe and... Survivor Jr. - Part 3 (written by Anthony Barbieri / Bill Wray art)
  • Mad's Etiquette Guide to Spring Break (written by Butch D'Ambrosio / Amanda Conner art)
  • Mad's Simply Dreadful Outtakes from American Idol (written by and video captures by Mike Snider)
  • Joan of Archaic (TV satire) (written by Josh Gordon / Mort Drucker art)
  • Fold-In -- What competition will all eyes soon be focused on? (Al Jaffee)