Mad #489 May 2008

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    • Castro Comments:
    • Less Popular Conspiracy Theories
    • Fundalini Asks "What If...?" - What If Barack Obama were a Zombie? (Hermann Mejia art)
    • Least-Listed Items on the Average American's "Bucket List"
    • Highlights from the Pope's Visit to Yankee Stadium (written by Desmond Devlin)
    • Defenses to Use When You're Sued by the Music Industry for Illegal Downloading
      (Peter Bagge art)
    • The Fast 5 - Easter Candies Still Left on the Shelf
    • Melvin & Jenkins' Guide to Pet Care (written by Desmond Devlin / Kevin Pope art)
    • LeLievre and Let LeLievre (Glen LeLievre)
    • Revelations Left Out of the Tell-All Tom Cruise Biography
    • How to Tell a Terrorist from a Regular Schmoe (Tom Bunk art)
    • Pitches Made in Hollywood Now that the Writers' Strike is Over
    • Bitterman (Garth Gerhart)
  • What The Heck is the Difference? (featuring cover #326)
  • Slomantha? Who Cares! (TV satire) (written by Dick DeBartolo / Tom Richmond art)
  • An AT&T Commercial We'd Like to See (written by Desmond Devlin / Drew Friedman art)
  • Other Kids Book Secrets Revealed Now That Dumbledore Has Been Outed
    (written by Jeff Kruse / Gary Hallgren art)
  • Hello, I'm Barack. And I'm H.C. (ad parody) (Hermann Mejia art)
  • If Different Comedians Told the Same Joke: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
    (written by Harrison Greenbaum / Jason Seiler art)
  • Bad News Bare-Asses - Baseball Has Rules. Not That These A-holes Care. (poster) (Sam Sisco art)
  • Ad for Mad Kids
  • Planet TAD!!!!! (written by Tim Carvell / Brian Durniak art)
  • A Mad Look At Doctors (Sergio Aragones)
  • Mad's Do-It-Yourself 24 Season 7 Plotline
    (written by Darren Johnson / Rick Tulka art / color by Wildstorm FX)
  • Signs You've Chosen the Wrong Spring Break Destination (John Caldwell)
  • Spy vs. Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • Monroe and... Extreme Makeover
    (written by Anthony Barbieri / Tom Fowler art / color by Ryan Flanders)
  • Hello, I'm Barack. And I'm H.C. (ad parody) (Hermann Mejia art)
  • Mad's Washed-Up Lost Outtakes
  • Things We'll Probably Overhear at the Upcoming Barry Bonds Trial...
    (written by Jeff Kruse / Paul Coker, Jr. art)
  • Fold-In -- Where does everyone agree the level of patient care is deplorable? (Al Jaffee)

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