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In response to “Strike Up The Sand” in Issue #420, Mad asked readers to send them their own sand sculptures of Alfred E. Neuman or maybe to work in a different medium - marbles or jelly-beans or maybe a mixed medium of things found in the trash. Readers were to send in non-returnable photos of their best creative efforts to Amy “The Big Easel.”
Strike Up The Sand Sand Sculpture 420 - Aug 2002
The Big Easel Buttons and Spools of Thread; Cereals (Count Chocula, Froot Loops, Frosted Cheerios) and Nesquik and Two Oreo Cookies; A Peach 423 - Nov 2002
The Big Easel Beans; Magic Etch-A-Sketch Screen; Dog and Cat Food Treats and Crisco; Lite Brite; Tree Bark and Glue on Styrofoam With Leaves and Branches; Vegetables and Tortoises; Can Tabs and Cardboard; Cookie Dough; Chalk on Black Paper; Clay on Black Binder; German Coins 429 - May 2003
The Big Easel Assorted Candies (including Chiclets, Kit Kats, M&M’s, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, Turtles) and Several Chocolate Bars (including Coconut, Coffee Crisp, Hershey, Mars, Nestle’s Crunch, Oh Henry, Snickers, 3 Musketeers) and Oreos 431 - Jul 2003
The Big Easel Old Computer Circuit Board 433 - Sep 2003
The Big Easel Swiss Cheese and Other Unidentifiable Food Stuff; Mad Magazines (Arranged Into The Head Shape of Alfred E. Neuman) 434 - Oct 2003
The Big Easel Sponge 435 - Nov 2003
The Big Easel Kid-Sized Cricket Bat 436 - Dec 2003
The Big Easel Deck of Cards (Alfred E. Neuman’s Face Drawn On Them) 437 - Jan 2004
The Big Easel Carving of Alfred E. Neuman 439 - Mar 2004
The Big Easel Oil Painting with Ben-day Dots 440 - Apr 2004
The Big Easel Yarn on Plastic Canvas 441 - May 2004
The Big Easel Garbage and Old Junk (Lips are Old Pieces of Rubber and Teeth are Chalk) 442 - Jun 2004
The Big Easel Shrinky Dinks 443 - Jul 2004
The Big Easel ASCII Art (Computer Print-Out of Alfred E. Neuman’s Face) 444 - Aug 2004
The Big Easel Toy Cars and K’nex and Other Stuff Found In Bedroom 445 - Sep 2004
The Big Easel Gumball Machine 446 - Oct 2004
The Big Easel Piece of Scrimshaw done on Woolly Mammoth Ivory 447 - Nov 2004
The Big Easel Fusion Beads 449 - Jan 2005
The Big Easel Wood 451 - Mar 2005
The Big Easel Glass and Plaster with a Wood Back 453 - May 2005
The Big Easel Snowman 454 - Jun 2005
The Big Easel Stained Glass Window (Sharp Glass, Lead and Hot Irons) 461 - Jan 2006
The Big Easel Cartoon Drawing 463 - Mar 2006
The Big Easel Paint and Vases 464 - Apr 2006
The Big Easel Gemstones 466 - Jun 2006
The Big Easel Pizza (Ingredients Used: Anchovies, Black Olives, Jalapeno Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Pepperoni, Roasted Garlic, Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomato) 468 - Aug 2006
The Big Easel Wikki Sticks 472 - Dec 2006
The Big Easel Vegetables (Banana Pepper, Bell Pepper, Blueberry, Cabbage, Lettuce, Purple Onion, Tomato) 473 - Jan 2007
The Big Easel Legos (Spy Vs. Spy) 474 - Feb 2007
The Big Easel Used Torn United States and South Africa Postage Stamps 475 - Mar 2007
The Big Easel Paint and ’85 Toyota Pickup 478 - Jun 2007
The Big Easel Mad “Subscribe Now” Cards 479 - Jul 2007
The Big Easel Middle School Planner and Stickers from the back of the Planner 483 - Nov 2007
The Big Easel Toe Nail (Drew Alfred E. Neuman’s Face on Toe Nail) 486 - Feb 2008
The Big Easel Post Office Boxes (Dancing Alfred E. Neuman Robot) 487 - Mar 2008
E. Robot
(The Big Robot)
Drawing (Dancing Alfred E. Neuman Robot. This is in addition to the one shown earlier in the magazine in “The Big Easel” column) 487 - Mar 2008
The Big Easel Poker Chips and Playing Cards 489 - May 2008
The Big Robot Drawing (In Reply to E. Robot (The Big Robot) in Issue #487, Readers Respond to Mad’s Request to Draw a Dancing Alfred E. Neuman Robot) 490 - Jun 2008
The Big Easel Fruit (Apple Skin, Blueberries, Lemon Rind, Mint Leaves, Strawberries) 492 - Aug 2008
The Big Easel Legos (Alfred E. Neuman); Legos (Spy Vs. Spy) 493 - Sep 2008
The Big Easel Hand-Painted Sculpture 499 - Apr 2009
The Big Easel 400-Square-Foot Mosaic
(Dropcloth as Canvas and 1,500 Junk Mail CD’s)
500 - Jun 2009
The Big Easel Snowman 503 - May 2010
The Big Easel Wax and Yarn 505 - Oct 2010
The Big Easel Stained Glass 506 - Dec 2010
The Big Easel Dog Poop and Tongs (To Arrange The Dog Poop) 516 - Aug 2012
The Big Easel Drawing 519 - Feb 2013

Compiled by John R. Racano
Letters - The Big Easel

excerpt from The Big Easel - from #500 - Jun 2009